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IPIN Global Due Diligence

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to location and certain knowledge / experience criteria.

My first impression of IPIN was being struck by the courtesy and understanding of the IPIN staff. Something which I thought was reminiscent of a bygone era. IPIN were very professional in the management of my investment.

Waleed N.
IPIN member and investor

When I first read about the Secure Exit Strategy, I thought the 25% return too good to be true, but IPIN have proved me wrong, as, I invested in The Flaxby Secure Exit Strategy in October 2009 and exited in June 2010, 9 months later with a whopping 48% return.

Andrew Nicol
IPIN member and investor

People at IPIN are not pushy, they are friendly, patient, helpful and easy to reach during and after business hours, when it suits me best. This is what I expect from a consultant. I am planning to further expand my portfolio based on the results achieved by the IPIN team.

Mr. V.
IPIN member and investor

As we approach retirement conservative and secure investment programs are the only ones we considered. The IPIN SES program fits our investment goals perfectly and has performed as advertised. Who can argue with a 26% annualised return in the current economic environment?

John and Nancy Howell
IPIN members and investors

There were two main aspects that attracted us to this investment; the strength of the commercial proposition itself (the product was eminently marketable) and the extensive security provided by the escrow and other associated legal arrangements.

Mr and Mrs S. Davies
IPIN members and investors

After almost two years of working with IPIN, I am convinced this is one of the best wealth-building investment vehicles available.

Larry L
IPIN member and investor

Docklands is the second successful SES unit I've bought-into. For me, this still represents the best thing I can do with my money - not only is it secure, but the returns are guaranteed too. Another thing I really like is how the projects to which IPIN apply the SES always seem to be really sound - they're not just good SES investments, they always have a lot going for them as traditional investments.

Mr. M. Green
IPIN member and investor

I invested in the Secure Exit Strategy (SES) as an addition to my existing property portfolio. I was very surprised when told that I had been exited within just over 6 months.  I was extremely happy with the returns I made and decided to reinvest those returns with IPIN.

Mr Robert D
IPIN member and investor

As the first of my investments with IPIN, I was keen to see an early result on one of my units even though I understood I should be prepared for the maximum 36 month term.  I was delighted when I received a call to tell me that the first of my units had exited in less than 3 months.

Mr J Donald
IPIN member and investor

I invested on September 21st 2009 after some searching questions. I have been kept informed of progress over the whole period and on February 25th 2010 my unit was sold.  The strategy has worked extremely well for me and I elected to reinvest into another SES venture using 1,013 GBP of the return plus the original investment.

Mrs. E. Davies
IPIN member and investor

Every property investment opportunity that is presented to IPIN is subjected to a thorough selection, approval and due diligence procedure prior to release. The procedure changes significantly depending on the type of opportunity. IPIN Global Capital Ltd assumed responsibility for the due diligence and selection process from BridgePoint Ventures in 2014 and implemented a revised process consisting of a number of elements within several phases.

For ownership opportunities it generally has more of a focus on the local market demand and drivers to ascertain if the opportunity represents potential growth or is likely to generate reliable rental income over a sustained period of time. It includes the factors set out below.  

For non-ownership opportunities the process varies and is described specifically in relation to the investment concerned.

Project Location

Country - - Our Acquisitions team has developed a model whereby the opportunity is assessed from a macroeconomic perspective, here we analyse the country in which the proposed project is based against indicators and averages.

City - Once we are satisfied that the particular country is one which satisfies our macro-economic examination, we begin to analyse the city or town in which the opportunity lies.

Development Entity and Project

Our Acquisitions team´s extensive experience is applied to reviewing each potential project from top to bottom as if, in many ways, we are undertaking the development ourselves. This gives a thorough understanding of the project prior to beginning a formal due diligence process. When looking at any potential project the following risks are assessed.

  1. Planning Risk – An assessment of the current planning status or likelihood of achieving the required planning permission to deliver the proposed project
  2. Funding Risk – Analysis of the financial requirement to successfully deliver the project and research into if funding is secured or if it is realistic based on key project matrix
  3. Construction/ Completion Risk – A study into what potential threats may exist to the successful delivery of the project
  4. Market Demand Risk – Analysis of the demand for the completed project and the expected rate of sale
  5. Yield Demand Risk – Research into what type of rental demand and at what level the completed project will generate. Typically in association with reputable local agents
  6. Transactional Risk – A process to ensure that the sales process is as safe as it can be with funds being sent to reputable 3rd parties and the execution of contracts managed by legal representatives
  7. Exit Risk – What is the strategy for investors to realise a gain, financial benefit from the investment and what risks exist that may impact this now and in the future.
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