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IPIN Global History & Timeline

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My first impression of IPIN was being struck by the courtesy and understanding of the IPIN staff. Something which I thought was reminiscent of a bygone era. IPIN were very professional in the management of my investment.

Waleed N.
IPIN member and investor

When I first read about the Secure Exit Strategy, I thought the 25% return too good to be true, but IPIN have proved me wrong, as, I invested in The Flaxby Secure Exit Strategy in October 2009 and exited in June 2010, 9 months later with a whopping 48% return.

Andrew Nicol
IPIN member and investor

People at IPIN are not pushy, they are friendly, patient, helpful and easy to reach during and after business hours, when it suits me best. This is what I expect from an advisor. I am planning to further expand my portfolio based on the results achieved by the IPIN team.

Mr. V.
IPIN member and investor

As we approach retirement conservative and secure investment programs are the only ones we considered. The IPIN SES program fits our investment goals perfectly and has performed as advertised. Who can argue with a 26% annualised return in the current economic environment?

John and Nancy Howell
IPIN members and investors

There were two main aspects that attracted us to this investment; the strength of the commercial proposition itself (the product was eminently marketable) and the extensive security provided by the escrow and other associated legal arrangements.

Mr and Mrs S. Davies
IPIN members and investors

After almost two years of working with IPIN, I am convinced this is one of the best wealth-building investment vehicles available.

Larry L
IPIN member and investor

Docklands is the second successful SES unit I've bought-into. For me, this still represents the best thing I can do with my money - not only is it secure, but the returns are guaranteed too. Another thing I really like is how the projects to which IPIN apply the SES always seem to be really sound - they're not just good SES investments, they always have a lot going for them as traditional investments.

Mr. M. Green
IPIN member and investor

I invested in the Secure Exit Strategy (SES) as an addition to my existing property portfolio. I was very surprised when told that I had been exited within just over 6 months.  I was extremely happy with the returns I made and decided to reinvest those returns with IPIN.

Mr Robert D
IPIN member and investor

As the first of my investments with IPIN, I was keen to see an early result on one of my units even though I understood I should be prepared for the maximum 36 month term.  I was delighted when I received a call to tell me that the first of my units had exited in less than 3 months.

Mr J Donald
IPIN member and investor

I invested on September 21st 2009 after some searching questions. I have been kept informed of progress over the whole period and on February 25th 2010 my unit was sold.  The strategy has worked extremely well for me and I elected to reinvest into another SES venture using 1,013 GBP of the return plus the original investment.

Mrs. E. Davies
IPIN member and investor

IPIN Global was originally created to help potential property investors identify opportunities suitable for investment purposes in both mature and emerging markets globally.

From the start we took a different approach. Instead of offering a vast array of opportunities in many international locations like other companies we consciously offered our Members only a very limited number of well-researched opportunities.

This approach ensured that we had the resources to to research the feasibility of each opportunity thoroughly and to allow our Portfolio Advisors to truly understand each of the opportunities and the reasons why they represent investment potential. This understanding and knowledge allowed IPIN's Portfolio Advisors to speak intelligently to Members about the selected opportunities and our Members responded to this positively.

  • Reduced risk legally and commercially
  • Located in areas experiencing growth and infrastructural improvements
  • High quality build standards
  • Priced competitively with indications that continued growth and / or rental yields were probable based on actual local comparisons and activity.

IPIN Global Timeline


The first IPIN Global Member was registered


As the IPIN membership grew IPIN was able to leverage the increasing buying power to gain exclusivity within selected projects and negotiate advantageous purchasing conditions for Members. This in turn increased the speed of membership growth further.


IPIN quickly became a preferred representative for a number of vendors. The IPIN policy of only working with a limited number of selected opportunities ensured that developers working with IPIN could rely on a significant and sustained sales volume. IPIN was becoming a leader in its field and enjoying steady growth but it was clear that in order to deliver Members with further value IPIN needed to develop proprietary investment strategies and opportunities that had the ability to outperform the market and its competitors. IPIN actively met with various investment groups discussing a number of potential strategies and models that could be applied to selected projects and offered to IPIN Members exclusively.


IPIN formed a working relationship with BridgePoint Ventures LLC (BPV) based in Miami, USA. BPV had created and were operating proprietary real estate investment models that intelligently took advantage of the economic climate at the time and offered investors the ability to generate substantial returns from distressed US real estate.


IPIN invited BPV to attend an IPIN seminar in Lahore, Pakistan and during this event discussed bringing the companies closer together with IPIN offering the BPV models exclusively to IPIN Members as the Secure Exit Strategy (SES) and BPV providing the acquisition, diligence and oversight of the SES applications.


IPIN launched the first Secure Exit Strategy (SES) opportunity to IPIN Members in exclusive association with BPV.


IPIN launched an SES opportunity in London, the first to be located within the Capital city.


BPV and IPIN decide that the lack of available finance within the UK market combined with strong investor confidence within the the UK market as a whole represents an interesting opportunity for alternative development finance strategies. BPV subsequently open an office in central London to develop new UK opportunities for IPIN Members.


BPV develop a number of new UK SES opportunities across a number of asset classes and locations which are subsequently offered exclusively to IPIN Members.


IPIN Global Capital assumed direct responsibility for the acquisitions and associated functions from BPV and continues to provide these services today from its office in Mayfair, London.


IPIN opens an office in Singapore with the purpose of servicing the growing IPIN membership in South East Asia. IPIN also launches its first SES opportunity in the Southern Hemisphere located in Western Australia.


IPIN now has more than 95,000 Members from around the world. IPIN Members continue to receive tangible investment returns from various opportunities in a number of geographic locations. In addition numerous real estate projects are now being constructed as a direct result of IPIN opportunities and subsequent investment by IPIN Members.