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Buy to Let Investors Likely to Welcome IATA Air Traffic Figures

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Buy to Let Investors Likely to Welcome IATA Air Traffic Figures

By - Monday 06 June 2011

Air traffic figures have rebounded strongly in April, with a 16.5 per cent year-on-year growth in activity across all of the major international markets. This is according to figures released by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

"Demand improved significantly in April," says IATA. "Eliminating all distortions, we are growing at three per cent to four per cent. International traffic is now seven per cent above the early 2008 pre-recession levels, load factors are hovering around 77 per cent and business confidence is high."

However, despite the clear confidence from insiders, two factors are having a negative impact on the industry. Demand shocks and high jet fuel prices are "spoiling the party" IATA director general and chief executive officer Giovanni Bisignani told Overseas Property Professional.

"The industry is not shock-proof. Profits are being squeezed by the succession of crises and shocks that have marked the first four months of this year," he added. "Their impact on demand will continue to ease as we move into the second half. But maintaining the high load factors needed to support profitable growth will be difficult."

African carriers saw a modest 1.2 per cent growth in international markets compared to April 2010, while Asia-Pacific carriers also saw slight growth of 5.1 per cent - reversing the 0.6 per cent drop in March.

North American carriers saw much stronger demand in international markets, up 11.9 per cent. This was much better than the 1.2 per cent increase in domestic flight growth, the IATA explained.

Latin American carriers saw a 25.9 per cent increase in international demand in April, a figure which is in line with the region's emerging market status and a further jump on the 22.7 per cent recorded in March.

Middle East carriers reported a 12.1 per cent increase in international markets, more than double the 5.3 per cent recorded for the previous month.

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