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The Hotel Room Quiz - Can You Guess How Much These Hotel Rooms Cost?

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By - Monday 19 December 2011

Hotel rooms are big business – with the right chain and the right location, profits in the industry are spectacular with yields up to 12% PA. Room rates can obviously play a large part in profits generated. Just for fun – how much do you think it costs to stay in the following hotels?

1. Milan Park Hyatt
  • Click thumbnail to enlarge
2. Amsterdam Hilton
  • Click thumbnail to enlarge
3. Dublin Holiday Inn Express Double room
  • Click thumbnail to enlarge
4. London Crowne Plaza King studio corner room
  • Click thumbnail to enlarge
5. Vienna Marriott Large executive room
  • Click thumbnail to enlarge
6. Hong Kong Intercontinental Presidential suite
  • Click thumbnail to enlarge
7. Kiev Hyatt Regency Club king room
  • Click thumbnail to enlarge
8. Ajman Kempinski Leisure club room
  • Click thumbnail to enlarge
9. Hamburg Intercontinental Junior suite
  • Click thumbnail to enlarge
10. Tokyo Park Hyatt Deluxe King
  • Click thumbnail to enlarge

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