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Improving Performance Predicted in Commercial Real Estate Investment

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Improving Performance Predicted in Commercial Real Estate Investment

By - Friday 16 March 2012

In the latest release of its Market View report Cushman and Wakefield have predicted that the performance of commercial real estate in 2012 will be a reverse mirror image of 2011. However, as everything is reversed in a mirror anyway what they actually mean is a mirror image; because they believe that 2012 will pick up in the second half after a slow start, which is a reversal of 2011's tapering off into the back part of the year.

"Despite uncertainties, there remains a well of pent up demand in most nations," said Glenn Rufrano, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cushman & Wakefield.  "As the year progresses and uncertainty subsides, improving economic conditions will support a boost in commercial real estate activity."

The report went on to identify trends for the year ahead. It predicted a regionally varied but overall strong performance in the office leasing market, with rising rents and falling vacancies.

"While the softer global economy is likely to lead to sluggish performance of industrial markets in Asia and Europe, the greatest opportunity is foreseen in North America, where supply growth has been limited and rising demand may lead to higher trade volumes and industrial output," said the report.

The report also pointed out the potential for investors to find good deals in European real estate as financial companies come under increasing pressure to build capital by selling off assets.

Overall the firm predicts a 7.5% increase in global real estate investment, following the 14% growth seen this year.  The firm expects transaction volumes to remain flat in Europe (at approximately $198.5 billion) and in Asia (at $374 billion), but predicts strong growth of 25 percent in US real estate investment volumes.

"The main economic and market drivers for the year will be continuing strength in Asia from local demand growth, steady growth in the Americas and weakness in Europe, as sovereign debt issues continue to take a toll. The approach each region takes to reducing its debt issues will be a critical determinant of its economic performance," the report said.

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