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UK Student Property Investment up 50% in 2011 Says CBRE

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UK Student Property Investment up 50% in 2011 Says CBRE

By - Friday 20 April 2012

According to the latest report into the student property sector in the UK, it continues to perform very well indeed. According to the CBRE's quarterly market review of the sector (Q1 2012), £1.15 billion was invested in the sector in 2011, an increase of 50% (49.61% to be exact) from the £774 million invested in 2010. The report also shows that £246 million was invested in student property in the first quarter of this year.

The report also contains details on yields, showing that direct-let student properties are performing best, with those serving second-tier regional universities (outside London) best-in-sector with yields of 7%, followed by direct-let properties serving top-tier regionals at 6.5% and direct-let properties in central London at 6%. University leased properties followed the same patter with second-tier regionals yielding 6%, followed by top-tier regionals at 5.5% and central London at 5%. The equivalent yield in the all-property sector was 6.5% according to the report.

The report was also able to confirm that the increased student fees that came into effect this year has had an impact on application figures, but a small one that still leaves universities receiving way more applications than they can accept on a national basis, although the report does warn of vast regional differences – as you'd expect. This is not least because international applications continue to grow strongly, which is making up the shortfall in the catchment areas of the top universities.

According to the report, quoting UCAS figures from January, applications for degree courses fell 5.2% this year, and overall applications were down 7.4%. The report said that mature students and those from the EU had fallen hardest, with school-leaver applications falling just 2.6%.  Meanwhile applications from outside the EU grew by 12% year on year, with the biggest growth coming from Hong Kong at 37% and a 15% growth from Australia.

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