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Your Money and the Euro Crisis – BBC World Service Special

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Your Money and the Euro Crisis – BBC World Service Special

By - Wednesday 20 June 2012

As a researcher and writer in the property industry I see and hear an enormous amount of information, not just about the property markets themselves, but many subjects on the periphery as well – whether it's currency exchange rates, political situations in different countries, mortgage lending or banking policies on a global scale, all of which have an impact on how property investments perform and decisions on future investment possibilities.

Last week, I was very pleasantly surprised to be contacted by the BBC via one of our content contributors to be asked if I would be able and prepared to comment for a BBC World Service Money Box programme about the Euro Crisis, with respect to international property investments, the Euro Crisis and expatriates living in "safe EU countries".

Following an in-depth conversation on a wide range of subjects with the producer, I must say I was incredibly flattered when asked to be a guest on the programme to offer my input and opinion. Sadly, due to prior commitments I am unable able to attend myself (although I will admit the idea of being interviewed live on international radio is a little daunting!)

Instead, IPINglobals' Chief Economic Advisor Eric Jafari will be in the studios, offering insight into the international property markets and how the Euro Crisis is changing property investment strategies.

The programme will be aired live tomorrow (Thursday 21st June 2012 11-12pm BST) on the BBC World Service, hosted by Paul Lewis (presenter of Money Box) and Lesley Curwen (BBC World Service Business Reporter) with several other guest experts in the studio along with Eric to answer questions about the Euro Crisis.

The BBC would like to hear from anyone who has questions about any of the following for the panellist of guest experts to answer:

  • How will the Euro Crisis affect your savings and investments?
  • Are you thinking about buying gold?
  • Weighing up the Euro vs the Dollar?
  • What will happen if the Euro collapses?
  • How do you go about opening a bank account in a different country? 
  • How safe is your money in European banks?
  • What affect is the Euro crisis having on accounts around the world? 
  • Are you planning to go on holiday this year to Europe and wondering what currency to take or how to pay for your holiday whilst there - cash or card?  Euro or Dollars?
  • Do you own property in Europe?
  • Have you got savings in a European bank account?
  • How concerned are you about the safety of your savings and how much compensation would you get if the bank collapsed?

If you have a question you would like to submit to the panel, please e-mail

I will be commenting on Friday in another post here about the programme, the opinions shared and no doubt the discussion on twitter will be active too.

If you would like to get in on the action as it were, use/follow the hash-tag #bbcmoney, follow myself (@PeterMindenhall), Paul Lewis (@paullewismoney) and Lesley Curwen (@ElCurwen) on Twitter – our company twitter accounts will contain the highlights on @IPINLive and @IPINGlobal also.

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