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Changing the Bath Water at the Housing Ministry

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Changing the Bath Water at the Housing Ministry

By - Thursday 06 September 2012

This week has so far been a bitter-sweet affair in the scandalous world of the UK housing sector with Grant Shapps coming under fire over his alleged business dealings, followed by the political version of "Titanic Musical Chairs" in which Grant found himself promoted to a position in the cabinet reshuffle where his ideas stand a better chance of not being ridiculed over their lack of depth or feasibility.

As much as I have picked many a hole in Grants' bathtub-thinking approach to his plans and policies, it will be a bit of a shame to lose him from the ministry – if nothing else because he did genuinely communicate with the industry and the public (even if it was automated at times).

His replacement is Mark Prisk, MP for Hertford and Stortford with business experience of property and economic development as well as Minister at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

In all, sounds potentially promising given his experience, let's all hope he can put it to good use and get the housing market back into some sort of reasonable shape – arguably a tall task given what he is inheriting.

I suspect it won't be too long before announcements begin to surface regarding Mr Prisks' intentions for the housing market; the trouble is whether anyone will see them? As far as I can see, Mark is not engaged in the online social world yet. Some might say this could be for the best of course – I doubt I would have written anywhere near as much about Grant Shapps had he not been on Twitter.

Whether Mark makes a move into the twittersphere remains to be seen, meanwhile announcements of how the government plans to "kick-start the economy" using the housing sector are hitting the news at a rapid rate – sadly they appear to be yet more half-baked ideas and STILL revolve around lending more money the government doesn't have.

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