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Top 10 Articles Read by Property Investors – January 2013

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Top 10 Articles Read by Property Investors – January 2013

By - Friday 01 February 2013

The property markets are now more diverse than ever with each sector fighting harder for news coverage and making its case for public investment. We take a look over the past month's activity on IPIN Live and what property investors were reading, and give our opinion as to why...

1. Hotel Rooms as an Investment

Several reports have been published showing healthy performance and positive predictions in the hotel sector. The US figures suggest institutional investment into the worlds most liquid hotel markets should rise in 2013 and the UK also fairs well with respect to RevPar and demand. Read more...

2. Property and Self Invested Personal Pensions | SIPPS

SIPPS have hit the news this month due to FSA concerns about pensions being invested into overseas property without enough explanation or understanding regarding the liquidity of foreign property investment. Our top-level overview of SIPPS and property. Read more...

3. Why House Price Optimism Is the Root of All Evil

Optimism is a fantastic thing to have, however when it’s used to predict the performance of the housing market by financial institutions it’s another matter – particularly when those asked for their thoughts don’t even qualify to be able to buy a house in the first place. Read more...

4. Is Ireland's Economy Really on the Road to Recovery?

The first country in the Eurozone to need a bailout, the Irish economy has been quietly trying to sort itself out and get implement what it feels are the best policies to keep them on the road to recovery – we take a look at whether it might still be a little early to start the fanfares of growth just yet. Read more...

5. Prime Central London Property Prices Keep Rising

The London property market is constantly under debate at the moment with several calls of the top being reached being passed and much speculation as to how far it can actually continue to outgrow the rest of the UK – Is it all just foreign money looking for a safe haven? Read more...

6. Will the Spanish Housing Market Recover in 2013?

One of the most talked about housing markets outside the UK for the last decade, Spain’s once almighty property market is battling harder than ever for a light at the end of the economic tunnel, only to be beaten back time and again by EU bailouts, questionable government data and almost being written off entirely by the masses. We take a look at the reality of a recovery in 2013. Read more...

7. Solid BRIC or Half Sucked MINT?

Emerging markets have always been sought by property speculators – usually because they can offer spectacular capital gains as they emerge. BRICs and MINTs are the most noted – an article making comparisons of the two groups. Read more...

8. UK House Prices and Rent To Rise In 2013

House prices and residential rent costs appear to have been on a lot of peoples minds – RICS believe the rise in rents will translate to rising house prices in a cautious statement on the prospects of the UK housing market for 2013. Read more...

9. Commercial Property: An Overview and the Pros and Cons

Commercial property performance has been making news headlines more frequently of late after the demise of several big-brand high street retailers in recent weeks, despite a rise in returns and a positive outlook for the sector in the UK this year. Find out how the smaller investor can get involved with our guide covering the pro’s and cons of commercial property investing. Read more...

10. London Enjoys Record Property Sales

The London property market continues to buck the trend of stagnation with demand at an all time high since the credit crunch began – but, where is the demand coming from and will it last? Read more...

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