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US Hotel Market Strong in February

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US Hotel Market Strong in February

By - Wednesday 27 March 2013

According to the latest data from STR Global the U.S. hotel industry reported increases in all three key performance metrics during February 2013.

The firm reports a 2% growth in nationwide hotel occupancy to 58.5%, a 4.4% increase in average daily rate (ADR) to $107.72 and a 6.4% growth in revenue per available room (RevPAR) to $63.04.

"After posting a nearly 9-percent RevPAR increase in January, February growth is back to similar levels we saw in 2012,” said Brad Garner, STR's COO. "ADR growth is the primary driver for RevPAR performance across all segments. Additionally, low supply growth and modest demand continue to help occupancy rates."

Among the Top 25 Markets, Houston, Texas, reported the largest occupancy increase, rising 9.4 percent to 74.9 percent, followed by Denver, Colorado (+6.7 percent to 61.7 percent), and Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota-Wisconsin (+6.2 percent to 59.8 percent). Norfolk-Virginia Beach, Virginia, fell 5.1 percent in occupancy to 43.2 percent, posting the largest decrease in that metric. San Diego, California, followed with a 1.0-percent decrease to 68.0 percent.

Three markets experienced double-digit ADR increases:

  • New Orleans, Louisiana (+30.7 percent to US$191.59)
  • Oahu Island, Hawaii (+20.7 percent to US$209.18)
  • Houston (+10.4 percent to US$106.89).

The only market to experience a drop in ADR was California, falling 2.6 percent to US$163.58.

New Orleans jumped 33.0 percent in RevPAR to US$136.38, achieving the largest increase in that metric, followed by Oahu Island (+23.6 percent to US$187.79) and Houston (+20.8 percent to US$80.11). The only drop in RevPAR was in Norfolk-Virginia Beach where revenue fell 3.7 percent to US$29.53.

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