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Should Happiness Factor into Property Investment?

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Should Happiness Factor into Property Investment?

By - Thursday 04 April 2013

Property investment has long been thought to be a numbers game, but it may pay to put facts and figures on the backburner in favour of a happiness rating. Rightmove's Happy At Home Index for 2013 has revealed the chirpiest places in the UK and buyers might want to sit up and take note if they want to bring in the greatest returns. After all, if an area is perceived to bring happiness, it is likely to be in high demand.

The index named the Yorkshire town of Harrogate as the happiest place in the UK, while those in the north are on average more content than those in the south. Rightmove used 12 distinct factors to measure how Britons feel about where they live, covering opinions on property, their home and community. The result is a unique insight into the relationship people have with their home and how this differs across the country. The survey has also unearthed a series of quirks and characteristics about different towns, cities and regions. It was reported that people in Lincoln are the most house proud, while those in Hereford feel they live in the safest place.

While Harrogate is the happiest place in England, people need to head to Swansea and Aberdeen in Wales and Scotland respectively to find the most contented people over the borders. Rightmove director Miles Shipside commented: "Harrogate's position at the top of our Happy At Home Index demonstrates the complex web of factors that makes for a happy place to live. The top-ranked places in our survey reflect the fact that we need a healthy balance of not only confidence in the value of our homes and pride in where we live, but also all-round enjoyment of the things to do and in our area and sense of well-being in the local community."

Other places in the UK doing well on the happiness rating are Stockport (2nd), Ipswich (3rd) and Exeter (4th). However, head to London East, Croydon and London East Central and you may encounter grumpier residents. The Index showed that these three places are the most unhappy in the UK, ranking 110th, 109th and 108th respectively. 

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