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High Spec is Main Draw for Property Buyers

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High Spec is Main Draw for Property Buyers

By - Thursday 06 June 2013

Location, location, location is no longer the mantra of the property sector and it seems buyers now have other concerns. According to research from Aviva, people are increasingly going in search of homes completed to a high specification. Consequently, estate agents are now focusing on particular buzzwords to get people through the door.

Unsurprisingly, "high spec interior" is the term that draws in the crowds and out of more than five million properties for sale in the UK, 257,000 are described using this phrase. Underfloor heating is proving to be a popular feature also and is mentioned in 63 per cent of these "high spec" homes. Granite work surfaces, marble flooring, ceiling speakers and luxury fitments such as walk-in wardrobes are also highly sought after.

Meanwhile, Aviva's research showed that while the ambience of a property is important, estate agents are increasingly focusing on the serenity of a location, opposed to its proximity to bars, cafes and restaurants. In nearly two-fifths (61 per cent) of homes classed as having ambient features a peaceful and tranquil location is mentioned, opposed to only one in ten (13 per cent) that highlight local pubs. Out of more than five million properties, just 300 list cafe culture as a selling point, with 27 per cent of these in Greater London.

However, what attracts buyers certainly seems to differ between regions, with the south-east most likely to use proximity to schools as a draw and greater London prizing garden features. A south-facing garden was the buzzword found to be the most popular in this area, mentioned in 55 per cent of property descriptions in the capital. Surprisingly, proximity to transport links is now one of the less important features and was mentioned in less than one per cent of listings across the country.

Heather Smith, director of home insurance at Aviva, said: "We all fall in love with properties for different reasons, and while the character and charm of a home is a matter of personal taste, it seems that assets such as smart flooring and on-trend kitchen brands are as important to some buyers as transport links and schools. And with the pace of life so fast for many of us, it’s not surprising that home buyers are looking for a little refuge from their busy working lives and would prefer tranquillity to buzzing bars and local pubs."

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