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NLA Responds to Proposed Immigration Bill Consultation

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NLA Responds to Proposed Immigration Bill Consultation

By - Friday 05 July 2013

The Home Office has issued a press release outlining a consultation on next-step proposals on its Immigration Bill.

Included in the proposed bill is a requirement for landlords to check the immigration status of tenants. The Government is proposing a graduated reform process ensuring that landlords who might make a "single honest mistake" are not penalised in the same way as those who are continuously flouting the law and all the regulations thereof.

In recent years immigrants from places like Poland have become vital to the UK economy, and most of those who come into the country for work will live in private rented accommodation. Thus UK property investors and landlords can scarcely run a rental property without bridging the subject of renting to immigrants legally. Thus it is vital that the government ensures landlords can easily keep up with changes in the law and so stay within it. Consultations like this one are a vital part of that.

Today the National Landlords Association issued a response to the proposals. Richard Lambert, chief executive of the body said:

"The NLA welcomes the Government's consultation on its plans to require private landlords to check the immigration status of all new tenants.  If this is to work, it is vital that the system is simple, straightforward and easy for landlords to use and understand.

"It makes sense to base the requirements on the established system used by employers to verify that individuals have the right to work in the UK, not least because there is a clear acknowledgement that employers, like landlords, are not immigration experts. They can only be expected to carry out reasonable checks that someone is who they say they are, and that they have the documentation to prove they have the right to be here."

The consultation can be found here and closes on 21 August 2013.

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