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Brick Lane SES Project to be managed by Whitbread Under "hub" Brand

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Brick Lane SES Project to be managed by Whitbread Under "hub" Brand

By - Thursday 01 August 2013

The IPIN Global Brick Lane London Secure Exit Strategy project (first presented to Members in Q1 of 2013) is one of the first 5 (of around 40) budget hotels to be marketed and managed under the new Whitbread hotel brand 'hub by Premier Inn'.

The move by the Premier Inn sector of the Whitbread brand will see its total hotel room stock rise from 52,000 to 75,000 by 2018 in a significant move into the budget hotel market.

Brick Lane (Spitalfields) is due to be completed and opened in early 2015 along with 3 other hotels in Goodge Street, Great Tower Street and Kings Cross. The first of the new chain to open will be on St Martin's Lane in the autumn of 2014.

Brick Lane Secure Exit Strategy

Patrick Dempsey, Managing Director, Whitbread Hotels and Restaurants commented, "Premier Inn has played a leading role in shaping the budget hotel market and we believe 'hub' will do the same for a new generation of compact city centre hotels.  'hub' will work in tandem with Premier Inn, appealing to more price sensitive customers seeking quality accommodation in the heart of a city.  It will enable us to broaden our customer appeal and further strengthen our competitive edge."

Whitbread undertook significant research whilst creating the hub concept and brand by running 5 prototype rooms at its Kings Cross Premier Inn Hotel from June 2012 during which feedback was acquired from more than 1800 guests.

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