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What Makes a Property a Dream Home?

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What Makes a Property a Dream Home?

By - Thursday 08 August 2013

There are certain properties that will fly off the market as soon as they go on sale. These homes fall into the 'dream' category and come complete with all those special extras people hope they will one day have. This makes such properties not only attractive for buyers, but investors too, as they can demand a high premium. However, just because a home may not fall into the dream category in its current state, it doesn't mean it can't be transformed into the ideal property.

First thing's first, its important to find a property investment opportunity; one of those homes that has a low price but could be magnificent with a bit of work. Once this is obtained, the next step is to populate it with must-have features. According to research from Ocean Finance, the top thing people want is an indoor swimming pool, followed by ensuite bathroom and a conservatory.

Of those who took part in the study, 36 per cent said they would want to have a swimming pool in their home. An ensuite bathroom was the dream of 33 per cent, while 32 per cent desire a conservatory, summer house or garden room. Other features lusted after by buyers in the UK are walk-in wardrobes (27 per cent), a bigger garden (25 per cent) and a jacuzzi or hot tub (23 per cent).

A gym, fire or log burner and a cinema room are wanted by 21 per cent, 18 per cent and 17 per cent respectively, while 17 per cent also want an office or study. Of the more easy-to-achieve features, 15 per cent want a kitchen garden to grow their own food and another 15 per cent want a garage. Six per cent also want a pond. There are some more extravagant desires that people dream of too, including a library (13 per cent), wine cellar (ten per cent), sauna (six per cent) and paddock, tennis court of shed (five per cent).

"It's fun to think about dream home features but actually, they don't have to just be in the imagination. Many of our aspirations are actually quite modest, adding an ensuite or a shed, for example, can often be quite achievable," said Ian Williams from Ocean Finance.

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