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IPIN Global - Flying High for Local Hospice

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IPIN Global - Flying High for Local Hospice

By - Tuesday 13 August 2013

Many people have the proverbial bucket list with things they want to do before a certain age or before they die. My wish was to complete a skydive before my 40th and while my dad was still around to see me do it. 4 years ago that wish came true and I was truly petrified but loved it.

This time around when I was asked by a friend recovering from Cancer to dive again to raise money for Cudeca Hospice I quite literally jumped at the chance. I collected my sponsorship form and once more made my colleagues at IPIN Global, friends, family and neighbours dig deep and part with money for this amazing cause.

The day was a balmy 42 degrees and to add to the uncomfortable heat I was suited up and made to wear a very attractive leather hat and goggles

Hat and Goggles!

Not my best look but you know safety first and after the safety run-through, my instructor and I were flying up to 15,000Ft. At that point I was asked if I fancied a normal exit from the plane or an extreme one. Well the devil took over and the extreme was chosen without actually asking what it entailed. I then found out it was a somersault and you end up facing back to the plane. The rush was amazing and I was so glad I had decided to do it.

A free-fall for a minute with the wind buffeting my face, legs and arms and then a gentle tug upwards as the chute thankfully deployed. I was allowed to manoeuvre the chute before the instructor took over and told me to assume landing position and there we were back on terra firma! I could easily have run back around to the plane and gone again but no more flights were planned for the day so I gathered my certificate, dvd and photos and left Seville for Malaga.

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In total I raised 650 Euros and the total from the rest of the group is over 2,000 Euros so quite proud!

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