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IPIN Global Win OPP Award for Excellence with Secure Exit Strategy

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IPIN Global Win OPP Award for Excellence with Secure Exit Strategy

By - Wednesday 04 December 2013

After an incredibly busy year here at IPIN Global with several Secure Exit Strategy™ projects making industry headline news in the last 12 months, we are very proud to have been honoured with an award for Best Alternative Investment Product at the 2013 OPP Awards for Excellence which took place at the Natural History Museum in London on Wednesday 27th November.

OPP (Overseas Property Professional) is the leading trade and industry entity that connects the multi faceted world of developers, agents and brokers, in fact almost every business sector involved in international property development and sales.

The award ceremony was the largest to date with 34 categories attracting some 450 of the most notable people in the industry from more than 20 countries around the globe. The awards themselves are judged by a panel of highly experienced professionals (independent of the awards themselves) during OPPLive - the overseas property industry trade show held in Westminster.

OPP Group CEO Xavier Wiggins said, "The OPP Gala Dinner and the presentation of the OPP Awards for Excellence 2013 was a huge success and celebrated not only the achievements of the best in our industry but also the surge of confidence in our future."

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IPIN Global Collecting OPP Award for Excellence 2013

Receiving the award (From left to right): Business Development Manager Andy Golding, Membership Support Advisor Claire Goddard, Marketing Manager Dani Fagan, Acquisitions Associate Jamie Macfarlane, Managing Partner Stephen Binge, & Managing Partner Danny Bance.

In addition - a comment on the awards from an IPIN Invested Member:

"Congratulations on the award - well deserved recognition for your product(s), dedication and hard work over a period of time in promoting them…" Martin Green (click the link to see a case study of Martins investment)

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