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Landlords ''Must be Vigilant of Damp and Mould''

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Landlords ''Must be Vigilant of Damp and Mould''

By - Monday 06 January 2014

Letting agents and landlords must beware of damp and mould in rental properties, experts have warned. Letrisks noted that if they fail to take heed of this advice, they could find themselves with personal injury claims and fines of up to GBP 5,000 on their hands. Condensation and mould in residential property is a substantial problem in Britain, especially over the winter months, the company has warned. This issue tends to start in kitchens and bathrooms, where moist warm air is generated, before moving to colder parts of the house.

When the air gets cold, it is unable to hold onto all the extra moisture, and this manifests itself as droplets of water on windows and walls. If this fails to be dealt with, mould is liable to grow on walls, furniture, window frames and even clothes. Letrisks has warned that landlords and letting agents need to tackle this issue immediately. As well as potentially damaging tenant's property, it could also harm their health, with mould spores being a source of conditions including allergies, asthma, infections and sinusitis.

Michael Portman, managing director of Letrisks, noted that the best way to ensure mould is kept in check is to carry out good building maintenance and ensure that the property has satisfactory ventilation to prevent spores becoming an issue. He commented: "For properties that already have a serious mould problem, the best option is to call a professional who can diagnose the cause of the mould and remove it."

According to Letrisks, landlords should certainly not ignore the issue, but should visit the property and fix the complaint. They should check for leaks that could be causing damp, both inside and outside of the property. Bathrooms and gutters tend to be particular problem areas. Extractor fans in bathrooms and kitchens are also a must, and the windows should be easily opened.

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