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£2.3m Paid to IPIN Global Brick Lane Investors

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£2.3m Paid to IPIN Global Brick Lane Investors

By - Friday 31 January 2014

IPIN Global is proud to announce yet another successfully executed Secure Exit Strategy application in London. All IPIN Members that were invested into the Brick Lane project have now been exited within the contract terms yielding an impressive 16% (annualised) after only 1 year!

Originally the contractual terms stated the investment term could be up to 3 years however, after the announcement of Premier Inn (Whitbread) adding the project to their new "hub" chain of budget hotels (some of which are due to open later this year) significant industry interest has led to an early investment exit for IPIN Members whilst still complying with yields as advertised.

Brick Lane was the 14th UK application of the Secure Exit Strategy™ and the 2nd time it has been applied to a hotel development within Central London.

Brick Lane Secure Exit Strategy

The site's location needs little introduction – Brick Lane has spearheaded the rejuvenation of the city's East End and is now one of the most happening addresses in London.

More than 2.3 million pounds has been paid to investors (this/last) week from the project – the first of several city centre projects planned throughout 2014.

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Too good to be true? Not a bit of it! See what several IPIN Members that invested into the Brick Lane project have to say about the profits they made....

Mr Oswell - Exit: Jan 2014

"This was my first termination of an IPIN investment and I was very pleased to see that everything worked exactly as planned. My money, with spread, was returned exactly when promised. It was opportune to reinvest the funds in another IPIN project in London and I was happy to do so. Again, everything worked as planned - very professional, very helpful and no sales pressure."

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Mr Roberto - Exit: Jan 2014

"SES is an excellent investment opportunity with very interesting returns and the IPIN Team provides clear, transparent and comprehensive support during all stages of your investment."

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Mr Miller - Exit: Jan 2014

"I was confident in the investment and more than pleased by the attentive staff who had a open attitude to any concerns I had, they were never impatient with the level of queries I made, in all a good experience...I have rolled over in to another investment with IPIN."

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Mr Les Gray - Exit: Jan 2014

"Despite having some reservations about the concept of the SES format as it was something new to us, we did invest in a few of the SES opportunities. The Brick Lane project has now matured early and our funds returned together with accrued interest repaid. We were therefore happy to re-invest those funds into the Urban Villa Aldgate development."

Read Mr Gray's full case study


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