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First IPIN Global Exhibition in Singapore Hailed a Success

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First IPIN Global Exhibition in Singapore Hailed a Success

By - Wednesday 30 April 2014

As a company with a truly international presence, we like to grab any chance we can to get out into the field and meet with our Members together with other experts in international property investment.  Singapore's leading real estate portal, organise some of the Asian market's most important events and so we were delighted when we were invited to not only exhibit, but also host seminars at the two day UK/AUS Property Show which took place in April.

 IPIN Global Singapore Sales Team

Group Sales Director Mike O'Riordan and Sales Manager Richard Lowe from our Singapore offices eagerly took up the gauntlet to present IPIN Global's extremely popular Stratford investment opportunity which is our latest investment opportunity under the Secure Exit Strategy™ model. The investment is located on the site where the Athlete's Village was located during London's 2012 Olympic Games and represents a high value opportunity to invest into the redevelopment in the thriving property market in London.

The Asian market is shifting focus to UK property as there are few restrictions on foreign investments in the UK allowing investors to take advantage of the extremely high yields available to them. For this reason, IPIN Global expanded operations into Asia with the opening of offices in Singapore in recent months.

There was a captive audience at the UK/AUS Property Show where we detailed the London-based investment opportunity together with an illustration of our Secure Exit Strategy™ which underpins the security of property investments and minimises risk. Judging by the volume of visitors to our stand and enquiries after the exhibition, the information was very enthusiastically received.

Comments after the event came from several investors who considered IPIN Global's London Stratford Hotel investment to be an excellent introduction to real estate in the UK and the perfect foundation stone for any property portfolio.

IPIN Global Exhibit at Propertyguru Show in Singapore

After successfully engaging existing clients and attracting new Members, we can't wait for the next opportunity to get amongst the Membership that has made IPIN Global a market leader in international property investment.

If you are in Singapore or are planning to visit - why not book a seat at one of our free-to-attend seminars and learn more about the Secure Exit Strategy and how you can maximise returns with significantly reduced risk?

Watch out for information on more exhibitions across Asia coming soon!

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