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IPIN Members Enjoy Early Returns on Cipriani Heights

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IPIN Members Enjoy Early Returns on Cipriani Heights

By - Friday 13 June 2014

IPIN Members are increasingly turning attention to Panama as an investment destination following the unprecedented success of our recent Secure Exit Strategy project: Cipriani Heights, a high-end mixed-use residential and commercial complex located just outside Panama City.

Panama is considered the best place to retire to in the world due to its unparalleled tax environment and tropical climate. With a stable, growing economy and the continued expansion of the Panama Canal ensuring significant future growth, Panama is at the base of a steep upward curve and we at IPIN want our Members to capitalise on the potential returns available in this country.

IPIN Members invested in Cipriani Heights were more than happy to realise their £1.25m returns almost 2 years ahead of schedule, prompting an increasing interest and immediate reinvestment in our other investment opportunity in Panama with very similar investment features and returns – Sarani Resort located on Isla Pastor.

Mr Lagier, an IPIN Member from France says: "I am personally pleased with the SES strategy of IPIN Global. Cipriani exited sooner than expected but with the exact contractual ROI of 17% per annum. I therefore decided to recycle all the money (including interest accrued) into Sarani Resort and even added to the previous funds to buy 2 of the best Sarani units." In conclusion, Mr Lagier adds that "the past performances of IPIN are their main passport to a good future. I certify that I am a real and happy investor. IPIN staff is extremely helpful, patient and available at length when needed."

Mr Hsieh, another IPIN Member commented: "Cipriani Heights was my first investment with IPIN global SES investment opportunity and it exceeded my original expectation. The developer bought-back the project a little more than ten months with agreed return rates... With such early return and happy investment experience with IPIN global, I am confident to continue participating in their new investment opportunity Sarani Resort Villas with more or less same expected return rate. IPIN global staff and customer services are superb and timely in handling legal documentation exchanges as well as updating on the investment situation, and these boost my confidence on my existing as well as my future investments with the company. I look forward to work with the company in many new investment opportunities ahead and recommend potential investors to benefit with their Secure Exit Strategy investments."

Ms Jenna Low said: "I got to know IPIN through web browsing to search for investment opportunities in 2013. My first investment was in Cipriani Heights project on 19 July 2013. Facts confirm that IPIN never disappointed me as I have received good news with termination deeds within a year. My first investment was terminated on 02 May 2014 with 14% ROI and I have never experienced such a high ROI in my whole life. Subsequently, I certainly have 100% confidence and courage to continue with my 2nd investment in Sarani Resort and ongoing 3rd investment in Stratford Hotel London..."

IPIN’s unique exit strategy underpins already solid investments with additional security mechanisms to allow our Members access to the best available opportunities with the minimum risk to initial capital.

Around 85% of our members re-invest with us which is testament to the quality of our investment products. If you would like to find out more about how you can take advantage of the exponential growth expected in Panama, take a closer look at our Sarani Resort project and see how you can reap significant and timely returns when you invest with IPIN Global.


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