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IPIN Live - Archived Articles for April 2010

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What is happening with Goldman Sachs?

The Goldman Sachs serious fraud case is a topic which has dominated headlines and conversations for the past few weeks and with the results likely to have a serious effect on the future environment for investments, we figured it would be a good idea to explore it in more detail....

Friday 30 Apr 2010

Sub-prime mortgages - the ins and outs

With an increasing amount of distressed property making its way on to the US market, we take a look at one of the major contributors to the housing crisis. What is a sub-prime mortgage?

Friday 30 Apr 2010

What is IPIN and what can we do for you?

What is IPIN? One of our Managing Partners, Danny Bance, gives a brief overview of the company and what it can offer to property investors worldwide.

Friday 30 Apr 2010

IPIN explains how to get great returns on property investments.

This short video gives an overview of one of our most successful strategies offering returns of 26%+ with 100% capital protection. Listen in to find out how this works....

Friday 30 Apr 2010

What's happening in Greece?

It is useful to remember that the grass is not always 'greener on the other side' and if anybody was of the belief that the UK has borne the brunt of the global economic crisis, then it may be time to spare a thought for our European neighbours in Greece....

Thursday 29 Apr 2010

What effect will political unrest in Thailand have on the property market?

The property market in Thailand has been experiencing an upsurge in interest over the past few years, with low prices, a relatively stable economy and a number of governmental policies tempting overseas buyers to the Asian destination....

Thursday 29 Apr 2010

What is Section 8?

Social housing has been around for some time now in most of the developed world in some form or another and is used by governments to ensure that there is a supply of subsidised housing and assistance with payments for those on low income, the elderly and the infirm.

Wednesday 21 Apr 2010