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IPIN Live - Archived Articles for June 2010

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Is Your Home an Asset or a Liability?

Depending on what you read, there would seem to be a great debate as to whether your own home (your primary residence) is an asset or a liability. Initially the answer might seem obvious, but on closer inspection, is it actually that clear? We take a closer look at what's what, in an attempt to specifically define exactly where the answer lies...

Wednesday 30 Jun 2010

Investment Property and Making Your Last Will and Testament

It's not unusual even for those who do have a will to assume that everything will be covered by their existing will after buying a holiday home or a foreign investment property. As many have discovered, some at very considerable cost (in some cases beyond the value of the initial investment itself) this is not necessarily case....

Tuesday 29 Jun 2010

Where to Buy Investment Property?

The secret to successfully buying overseas real estate sounds simple: find the right property in the best location and buy it for the lowest price possible. But this foolproof formula is harder to get right than it sounds....

Monday 28 Jun 2010

Buying Property Off Plan

When demand for property in popular locations begins to outstrip supply it is increasingly common for individuals to look for alternative real estate investment opportunities. Off plan property purchases have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in destinations which have experienced rapid growth....

Friday 25 Jun 2010

Section 8 US Property Investment Explained

An IPIN exclusive in depth interview between Peter Debs (Bridgepoint Ventures) and James Pape (Andrew James Development Group) covering questions and answers regarding the US Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) What is Section 8?, How it works, How investors can take advantage of it, and specific advice from two very experienced real estate investment professionals.

Friday 25 Jun 2010

Morocco Could Offer Exciting Prospects for Investors

Over the last few years, Morocco has begun to establish itself as a credible destination for property investment, as a growing tourism industry and an economy which escaped the worst of the global economic crisis are helping to raise its profile among individuals looking for a long-term return on investment....

Tuesday 22 Jun 2010

European Property Fails to Impress, Knight Frank Claims

The news follows Global Property Guide's mid-2010 report, which also confirmed a resurgence in confidence and strength of the worldwide markets....

Monday 21 Jun 2010

Currency and Foreign Real Estate Purchases

Despite the economic turmoil which many countries are currently experiencing, a number of recent property reports are suggesting that the world's real estate markets are starting to pick up and once again offer the potential for rich rewards....

Thursday 17 Jun 2010

Italian Property Set for Price Recovery?

Italy has always been a popular destination for property investment speculators, with a high quality of life, competitive prices and favourable weather helping to ensure that it is able to boast a strong tourism market and reasonably safe economic background....

Wednesday 16 Jun 2010

Government Scraps Controversial Landlord Register

Buy to Let property investors in the UK market may be interested to learn that the coalition government has decided not to press ahead with the uptake of a new national register for landlords within the country....

Tuesday 15 Jun 2010

Buy to Let Investment – Hands On or Hands Off?

The rise in Buy to Let property investment has been phenomenal in recent years, waning only lately due to the lack of available credit insofar as mortgages are concerned. A common question now though is, (particularly with the financial world being so turbulent), what is the best way to manage a Buy to Let portfolio, and the pros and cons attached?

Tuesday 15 Jun 2010

US Distressed Property Explained – IPIN Live Exclusive Interview

An IPIN exclusive interview with Peter Debs (Bridgepoint Ventures) explaining exactly what US distressed real estate is, the differing levels and types of distressed property available, and how best to take advantage of them as a property investor whilst avoiding the possible pitfalls.

Monday 14 Jun 2010

Sporting Events: A Worthwhile Investment?

With all eyes focused on South Africa and the start of the 2010 Football World Cup and several other markets preparing to host major sporting events in the next few years, we take a look at the potential for property investment in various regions....

Monday 14 Jun 2010

Variety is the Spice of a Property Investor's Life

Variety is often described as the "spice of life", as without it things just would not be the same, so how can we apply this particular proverb to property speculation? As with any sort of investment, the phrase "don't put all your eggs in one basket" springs immediately to mind....

Friday 11 Jun 2010

BRIC's Investment Property Analysis – The Conclusion

Is the original Goldman Sachs report accurate with respect to property investment? Should you be basing your investment property strategy off the back of a 50 year projection? Which, if any should you be considering for property investment? Find out in the BRIC's Investment Property Analysis Conclusion.....

Friday 11 Jun 2010

UK Commercial Property Investment Is Growing

Commercial property is becoming an increasingly popular method of investment, with a new survey demonstrating its expected growth. Aberdeen Asset Management has found that out of 166 UK-based pension funds that it had interviewed, two thirds had exposure to property and 36 per cent were looking to increase their holdings....

Thursday 10 Jun 2010

US Distressed Property Explained

Whilst the term "distressed" when applied to property is not all that new, in the past couple of years the term has certainly become more prevalent in the industry, especially in the US. With this article we outline some of the key points regarding distressed property and things to bear in mind when considering it as an investment....

Thursday 10 Jun 2010

BRIC's Investment Property Analysis – China

This is the fifth in our series of BRIC articles; this article will concern the country of China; changes to the country that would affect predictions in the 2001 report from Goldman Sachs, its economy, the property market and property investment feasibility....

Thursday 10 Jun 2010

BRIC's Investment Property Analysis – India

This is the fourth in our series of BRIC articles; This article will concern the country of India, its economy, property investment feasibility and changes to the country that would affect predictions in the 2001 report from Goldman Sachs...

Wednesday 09 Jun 2010

Analysts Getting Hot Under the Collar About Distressed Homes

Real estate investors around the globe can expect to see a rise in the number of distressed properties entering the market during the second quarter of 2010, with the US and Ireland leading the way.....

Wednesday 09 Jun 2010

Uncertainty Surrounding CGT Leads to Increase in Sales

So far we remain blissfully unaware as to the coalition government's plans for changes to capital gains tax (CGT) ahead of the emergency Budget later this month (June 22nd), but fears over a proposed rise are ensuring that some property investors are putting their homes on the market....

Wednesday 09 Jun 2010

What Now for European Property?

With the recent furore surrounding the restructuring of Greek debt and fears that it will have a profound effect on economic recovery, how is the real estate market going to cope?....

Tuesday 08 Jun 2010

BRIC's Investment Property Analysis – Russia

This is the third in our series of BRIC articles; this article will concern the country of Russia, its economy, property investment feasibility and changes to the country that would affect predictions in the 2001 BRICs report from Goldman Sachs....

Tuesday 08 Jun 2010

US Property Offering Best ROI

Steady recovery in the global property markets is expected to be witnessed over the course of the year, with the US market offering the best return on investment (ROI) for individuals who decide to invest in property....

Monday 07 Jun 2010

BRIC's Investment Property Analysis – Brazil

The second in our series of BRIC's articles; this article will concern the country of Brazil; changes to the country that would affect predictions in the 2001 report from Goldman Sachs, its economy, the property market and property investment feasibility....

Monday 07 Jun 2010

What to Look for in an Overseas Property Investment

Buying a property abroad for investment purposes is becoming an increasingly popular pastime, with the latest figures demonstrating a large rise in interest for overseas property....

Monday 07 Jun 2010

Concerns Over Property Bubbles Forming in Asia

As we reported on June 3rd, Global Property Guide's most recent survey of international house values pointed to a recovery in the worldwide real estate market, with European countries performing well....

Friday 04 Jun 2010

BRIC's Analysis. Building Economic Security?

Contrary to popular belief, the aim of the Goldman Sachs BRIC's report was not to provide a guide for investors on where they should put their money, but more an exercise by Goldman Sachs in understanding investment trends.....

Friday 04 Jun 2010

Escrow Explained

If you intend to invest in property it is handy to know what an escrow account is and how it can protect parties involved in the transaction of the investment. Below is a simple guide that may help you to understand the process better.

Friday 04 Jun 2010

Global Property Markets Have Improved

Individuals who have decided to invest in property around the world will be pleased by the latest statistics to have been released by Global Property Guide....

Thursday 03 Jun 2010