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IPIN Live - Archived Articles for July 2010

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Property Investment Regulation Inspires Confidence

Union Investment's Investment Climate Index, which tracks attitudes and expectations among European real estate professionals at six-month intervals, recently moved up to 67.5 points, which is where the index stood in autumn 2009....

Thursday 29 Jul 2010

Austerity Measures Hit Commercial Markets

Commercial real estate in emerging economies is outperforming that of more established markets.

The latest RICS Global Commercial Property Survey for the second quarter of the year has found that countries located in South American, Asia and Eastern Europe are outperforming UK and eurozone destinations....

Wednesday 28 Jul 2010

Global Real Estate Opportunities are Plentiful

Real estate offers investors a good long-term opportunity at present, with low prices and liquidity working to attract buyers looking for a good return on investment....

Tuesday 27 Jul 2010

Governments Look to Tackle Deficit with Sale of Assets

News has emerged that the Italian government is considering holding a great national sale of its islands, palaces and beaches in an attempt to reduce its spiralling national debt....

Monday 26 Jul 2010

Global Investment Doubles 2009 Levels in Q2

New research has found that in the second quarter of 2010 global direct commercial real estate investment volumes reached US$66 billion.

The figures, released by Jones Lang LaSalle, are similar to the ones seen during the first quarter of the year and as the sector begins its recovery it represents almost twice as much activity in the market compared to the lows of one year ago....

Friday 23 Jul 2010

Opportunity in Crisis for Property Investors

Average real estate prices in Greece fell by 7.7 per cent during the first quarter of 2010 in comparison to the same period last year, new research has suggested...

Thursday 22 Jul 2010

Commercial Real Estate is Hot Property

Commercial property investment has been attracting a lot of attention recently, with the market generally performing better than its residential counterpart after the economic troubles in Europe...

Tuesday 20 Jul 2010

Spain: No Longer a Favourite Among Buyers?

Spain has long been seen as a go-to destination for overseas property investors, with its combination of good weather, popularity as a tourist destination and stable economy attracting a great deal of interest....

Monday 19 Jul 2010

Asia Pacific Property: Boom or Bust?

In recent times the property markets in the Asia Pacific region have been comfortably outperforming their counterparts in the west....

Friday 16 Jul 2010

French Leaseback Property Investment Guide

A French leaseback or "Crédit Bail" is a long term, secure, low-risk property investment vehicle in which the developer of a property sells the freehold of the property to investors; the investor then leases back the use of the property to the developer or more commonly, a management company...

Thursday 15 Jul 2010

Commercial Property Interest Fading

The latest data released by the Investment Property Databank (IPD) suggests that the growth once seen in values within the commercial property market in the UK has begun to tail off...

Thursday 15 Jul 2010

Increase in Property Millionaires Shows UK Market Strength

New research has revealed that the number of property millionaires in the UK now stands at five times the level seen ten years ago, with 100,000 new property magnates created since 2000.

This staggering increase equates to a 393 per cent growth in successful investors, a survey by Santander Mortgages has found....

Tuesday 13 Jul 2010

Oversupply Puts Power in the Hands of Property Buyers

As the property markets around the world begin to reassemble themselves following a long period of turbulence and uncertainty, a number of commentators are predicting happier times as we head into the latter stages of 2010....

Monday 12 Jul 2010

Euro Weakness Effects on Eurozone Investment Property

Following news that Spain's AAA credit rating was to be downgraded and further threats from the European Central Bank that the eurozone banks could be forced to pay back a further EUR 195 billion in bad loans....

Monday 12 Jul 2010

Investing in Student Accommodation

Investors are overcoming the traditional stereotype of students and looking to increase their potential rental yields, student lets are now proving themselves to be a profitable Buy to Let opportunity.....

Friday 09 Jul 2010

Prime Property Leads Real Estate Revival

While we continue to be informed about the gradual recovery of the world's property markets in the wake of the global economic crisis, investors are beginning to look for the most worthwhile sections for achieving long-term growth....

Friday 09 Jul 2010

Optimism in Global Property Markets Returning

There seems to be a lot more optimism about the state of the global property market, with many commentators predicting that price growth in a number of international markets will be the primary characteristic as we plough through 2010 and beyond....

Wednesday 07 Jul 2010

Hotel Rooms as an Investment

Hotel rooms as an investment are a relatively new concept, in the last twenty years or so opportunities have arisen for investors to add this investment type to their portfolios. The concept originated in the US and now hotel investment options are available around the world.

Wednesday 07 Jul 2010

Currency Changes Stir Overseas Property Investors to Action

While the pound might have strengthened against the euro in the wake of last week's Emergency Budget, with investors viewing the UK economy with increasing confidence given the government's apparent determination to cut the country's deficit and the mounting eurozone debt crisis, underlying weakness against other currencies is continuing to have an impact on the UK property market....

Tuesday 06 Jul 2010

Get a Hole in One with a Golf Property Investment

This week it was revealed that work on Donald Trump's 750 million GBP championship golf course is now officially underway. Full planning permission for the development, in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, has been granted and is scheduled for completion in 2012....

Monday 05 Jul 2010

UK Property Investment Through the Decades

If we look back fifty years, property was not really considered by most as an investment vehicle. We take a look at how property investment has evolved through the last five decades and just as importantly, why?

Monday 05 Jul 2010

Transparency and Global Real Estate

Transparency in a country's property market has often been cited as a major factor in attracting foreign investment to a destination. Clear guidelines and rules for overseas and local investors help to build both confidence and strength in the sector, with many individuals being drawn to the relative solidarity and simplicity of buying in more stable destinations....

Friday 02 Jul 2010