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IPIN Live - Archived Articles for August 2010

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Debt Worries Helping to Cool Property Markets

European debt concerns, stock market worries and increased land supply are all having an effect on the private residential market in Singapore.

According to the latest report from property consultants DTZ, market activity in the country slowed during May and June as a result of a combination of global factors....

Friday 27 Aug 2010

London Hotel Investment Appraisal

IPIN advisor Wesly Jay presents an overview of the London hotel market, considering factors such as occupancy rates, regional performance and future demand. Hotel development has long been a popular investment option and with the calling for additional hotel rooms within the 2004 London Plan ongoing demand in this capital city is expected to be significant.

Friday 27 Aug 2010

US Commercial Property Prices 'Near Bottom'

Globally commercial real estate appears to be performing strongly. Interest in the area remains strong and in many markets transaction levels are heading back to the level previously seen during its 2007 peak....

Thursday 26 Aug 2010

House Builders Look to Defy the Age of Austerity

Stringent government spending cuts and economic uncertainty have had an effect on property markets around the world.

This new age of austerity which many European countries have entered in an attempt to tackle growing national debt has come at a price to developers and the construction industry....

Wednesday 25 Aug 2010

Investors Wary of Australasian Property

There has been a huge fall in investor confidence in New Zealand, new figures would suggest. According to the annual Nielsen Real Estate Market Report, the number of investors based in the country looking to pour money into real estate has fallen for the first time in years....

Wednesday 25 Aug 2010

European Commercial Property Transactions Rise

Commercial real estate is hot property. At least the latest research suggests that an increasing number of property investors are turning to the area looking for reasonable returns.

European real estate in particular appears to be at the forefront of many buyers' minds....

Friday 20 Aug 2010

What Makes a Property Suitable for a Commercial Mortgage?

Why would you consider taking a commercial mortgage? Well, the idea of purchasing a commercial property is that it must be well suited to the needs of your business. This can be determined by several factors that are taken into consideration...

Friday 20 Aug 2010

Asia Continues to Lead the Way

Steady improvements have been made in the Asian real estate investment market during the first half of 2010, a new report shows.

Direct real estate investment in the first six months of the year grew by 136 per cent year-on-year to an estimated USD 30 billion....

Thursday 19 Aug 2010

European Markets Offer Investors 'Lots of Potential'

Property markets around Europe currently offer real estate investors "lots of potential", it has been suggested...

Wednesday 18 Aug 2010

Government Measures Will Cool Asian Property Markets

Property markets in major Asian destinations are preparing themselves for a slower second half to 2010.

An expected increase in housing supply, policy risks and numerous government cooling measures in the markets are expected to be behind the slowdown, which will be in contrast to the first six months of the year....

Tuesday 17 Aug 2010

Asia Pacific Millionaires Fuelling Real Estate Recovery

Not for the first time this year, a recent residential property report suggests that the global real estate recovery is being led by real estate in the Asia Pacific region.

Meanwhile, tough and testing economic conditions in European and US markets mean that the regions are likely to be faced with a slower rate of recovery....

Monday 16 Aug 2010

Regulation Needed to Tempt Investors to Eastern Europe

A lack of information about market prices is one of the major problems faced by international real estate investors looking at property in Eastern Europe today, it has been suggested...

Friday 13 Aug 2010

Government Measures Look to Cool Property Markets

While fears of a property bubble forming in China are beginning to recede thanks to a number of government calming measures, many analysts are now turning their attention to the growing Hong Kong market....

Thursday 12 Aug 2010

Distressed Commercial Property Markets Easing Globally

The majority of global property markets are experiencing an easing in growth of distressed commercial real estate.

Following a report of the worldwide market by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) it has been claimed that the situation is calming in 85 per cent of the countries surveyed....

Wednesday 11 Aug 2010

Sporting Boost for Property Investors

In recent months there has been a significant shift from lifestyle buyers to serious property investors in Brazil.

Real estate specialist for the region claim that the country is now being seen by potential buyers as an area where substantial growth can be realised....

Monday 09 Aug 2010

Is Asian Real Estate Overpriced Compared to Europe?

Recent analysis suggests that current rental yield levels in the Asia Pacific commercial real estate market are at their lowest levels for quite some time.

While the long-term outlook for the region's property market remains broadly positive it no longer remains the best place for investors to place their cash...

Friday 06 Aug 2010

Increase in Mortgage Borrowing Boosts Eurozone Markets

Figures released by the European Central Bank (ECB) at the end of last month (July) have shown that eurozone mortgage borrowing grew during June at its fastest pace in almost two years.

The statistics would suggest that bank lending across the 16 member states is coming back to life, which is sure to be a boost for the region's property markets....

Thursday 05 Aug 2010

US Property Market Attracts Overseas Buyers

Investors are taking advantage of the low prices and plethora of foreclosed property in the US real estate market, with many believing that now is the time to buy.

Many property purchasers in the destination are confident that prices have reached rock bottom and will begin to pick up once again as the economy recovers....

Wednesday 04 Aug 2010

Investors Look to Reap Rewards From Farmland

An increased demand and shortages of rural land has ensured that UK farmland has enjoyed significant price growth in recent years.

And with reports suggesting that this increase in value could be anything up to 120 per cent within five years it is no surprise that a number of individuals are now looking to the market to realise an impressive return on investment....

Tuesday 03 Aug 2010