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IPIN Live - Archived Articles for November 2011

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What Will Be The Immediate Effects of The Eurozone Crisis on The UK Property Market in 2012?

As Europe’s leaders flounder to find a lasting and effective solution to the sovereign debt crisis currently sweeping through the Eurozone at an increasingly alarming rate, experts warn that the UK Property Market faces a lethal combination of plummeting prices and increased mortgage rates in 2012.

Wednesday 30 Nov 2011

What's Happening to Rental Amounts in Your Area?

The latest HomeLet Rental Index has revealed that average rents across the UK fell in October compared to the previous month, although this was not the case for every region...

Tuesday 29 Nov 2011

How Can The Government Stimulate UK Construction?

At the end of October, David Cameron wrote in the Financial Times that the government intends to focus on infrastructure projects around the UK...

Friday 18 Nov 2011

UK Landlords: A Look At Both Sides Of The Industry

As an increasing number of people turn to the private rented sector in search of accommodation, landlords are finding themselves under ever more scrutiny...

Monday 14 Nov 2011

Does London’s investment future lie in foreign hands?

Ever since the UK housing market crashed and the value of the pound plummeted, wealthy buyers from around the world have been seizing the opportunity to buy up prime real estate assets in our prestigious capital...

Friday 11 Nov 2011

The Ethics of Property Investment in China

The practicality of investing in Chinese property is a massive question to take on. Undeniably China is an economic powerhouse, a financial superpower on par with any other...

Wednesday 09 Nov 2011

How is finance availability affecting the property sector?

Credit availability - or the lack thereof - is becoming a real thorn in the side of the UK's property industry, with many potential buyers being held back by difficulties in sourcing finance for real estate purchases....

Tuesday 01 Nov 2011