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IPIN Live - Archived Articles for January 2012

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London Looks for Confidence as Eurozone Crisis Leads to New Low

The Lloyds Bank Commercial Property Confidence Monitor for January 2012 recently revealed the extent to which concerns over the eurozone crisis and domestic economic difficulties have had an impact on the UK's commercial real estate sector....

Monday 30 Jan 2012

The Canadian Property Market in 2012 - Continued Stability or Inevitable Decline?

General expert consensus on Canadian Housing Market trends for 2012, remains cautiously optimistic about its overall stability throughout the coming months...

Monday 30 Jan 2012

India Gears Up for Another Property-Focussed Year

Research released this month revealed a significant jump in the amount of investment from private equity (PE) firms being ploughed into India's real estate markets...

Thursday 26 Jan 2012

World to Feel the Effects of Chinese Property Market Lull in 2012

The latest troubles brewing on the horizon of international economic happiness is of course the continuing EU debt crisis, but this is quickly being overtaken by the situation in China...

Wednesday 25 Jan 2012

Down and Dirty with the Property Recovery - UK

Many people feel like - "if I hear one more commentator say it's a mixed bag I am going to shoot him/her and then myself", but there is no other way to describe it. In fact it is so mixed...

Tuesday 24 Jan 2012

East London’s Post Olympics Future

The boroughs are being regenerated and now first-time buyers, owner-occupiers and investors are keen to buy houses in the area. What's more, according to agents...

Monday 16 Jan 2012

London Provides Greek and Italian Investors With Safe Haven

Italians and Greeks are pouring millions of Euros into the London property market, which is standing out as one of the few safe-havens within Europe. On the first wave of the financial crisis, investors from Italy and Greece...

Monday 16 Jan 2012

Can Stateside Property Positivity Bleed Over The Atlantic?

Real estate investors stateside are becoming more confident. The UK and the US have held hands so many times during the international financial crisis, showing similar trends at similar times...

Monday 16 Jan 2012

Entering The Era of Shared Ownership

The UK property market has changed over the last 50, 40, 30, 20 and even 10 years. Since the 50s it has been common place for men and women to find it easy to get jobs in their local area, and to spend their entire lives working in the same job...

Monday 09 Jan 2012

Top Tier Cities and International Gateways Offer Hope for Hotel Market in 2012

Several prime cities are seeing hotel revenues continue to grow, and while hotel stocks are still falling because of the wider situation, hotel buyers can still see that these cities present good opportunities to buy now while prices are becoming increasingly attractive...

Monday 09 Jan 2012

Germany's Property Market - Riding Out the Economic Storm

The economic difficulties experienced by eurozone nations during 2011 have been well documented, with countries such as Spain, Portugal and Ireland seeing their property markets take a significant hit....

Thursday 05 Jan 2012

Will Lloyds' Distressed Property Loan Sales Spark Similar Deals?

At the beginning of December, the Financial Times reported that Lloyds Banking Group had opened discussions with US private equity group Lone Star about selling off GBP 900 million of distressed real estate loans....

Tuesday 03 Jan 2012