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IPIN Live - Archived Articles for February 2012

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Down and Dirty with the Property Recovery - Brazil

Brazil had one of the shortest recessions in the world when the international financial crisis hit. In fact, you could barely call it a recession at all...

Wednesday 29 Feb 2012

Down and Dirty with the Property Recovery - Dubai

Dubai GDP is thought to have grown by 3% year on year, which is a massive improvement on the previous year. This is because of strong performances in aviation, hospitality, retailing, oil prices and even real estate...

Tuesday 28 Feb 2012

Chinese Property Tax Programme set to Stifle Foreign Investment

China, China, China, oh crystal china ball please give us a sign; will the Chinese government's measures stifle foreign investment in Chinese real estate?

Monday 27 Feb 2012

Opportunities Exist in Student Accommodation Market

There are significant opportunities for property investors in the student accommodation market. This is according to Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), which outlined the scope of the sector and the room for growth in a recent presentation....

Friday 24 Feb 2012

Scotland - Land of the Property Rich and the Property Poor

Research released earlier this month from the Bank of Scotland and the Halifax reports that the value of private housing stock in Scotland has increased over the past decade by 131%, representing the largest increase across the UK...

Friday 24 Feb 2012

Lessons to be Learnt from Ireland’s Plunging Property Prices

Spain, Ireland, the UK and the US have a pretty similar story to tell when it comes to their path from economic glory to gory. Obviously there are differences in one way and another, but all of them made it too easy to get too much credit, especially mortgage credit...

Wednesday 22 Feb 2012

27,000 New Property Millionaires in 2011 Exposes Two-Tier Market

The principal drivers behind this continued localised price surge are equity-rich domestic buyers who are choosing to reinvest in the robust London market boosted by affluent overseas purchasers seeking a safe haven for their wealth...

Tuesday 21 Feb 2012

London's Future of Flexible Super Flats

International buyers looking for property investments in London are increasingly seeking out large apartments, typically with over 5,000 sq ft of space...

Thursday 16 Feb 2012

Down and Dirty with the Property Recovery - China

It has been said that a government has limited control over what it can do to influence things like property price growth, but this isn't so in China, it has near-total control. After easing us in gently from April 2010...

Wednesday 15 Feb 2012

2011 a Record Year for Russian Property Investment

Investment in Russian real estate went through the roof last year; beating records set at the height of the boom in 2008 fuelled by massively increasing confidence in the market according to the latest reports...

Monday 13 Feb 2012

Down and Dirty with the Property Recovery - America

According to some experts the mounting up of positive metrics across consecutive months can only be interpreted as showing that the market has bottomed. But the market hasn't bottomed, and nor will it for at least another year, according to other experts. So, what's the truth here?

Friday 10 Feb 2012

UK Hotels Urged to Refurbish if They Want to Ensure a Fruitful 2012

After a relatively disappointing 2011, hotels in the UK have been advised by hotel consultancy HVS London to focus on starting or completing refurbishments to their property in an effort to counter the on-going recession...

Thursday 09 Feb 2012

The Perils of Being a UK Landlord in 2012

We have all heard recently about the unprecedented rental boom in the UK, but as a consequence of what created the boom, landlords now face a new threat...

Wednesday 08 Feb 2012

Will the UK Property Market be able to Cope with a Double-Dip Recession?

Can the UK property market cope with a double-dip recession? There are just so many variables. So many things affecting the answer to a massively different degree between their best and worst case scenarios, and all of them intertwined and affecting each other's outcomes...

Tuesday 07 Feb 2012