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IPIN Live - Archived Articles for March 2012

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Hong Kong Leader-Elect Announces Resident-Only Developments

As the Chinese housing market continues to "cool", the newly elected leader of Hong Kong has stated his intention to go even further to cool the Hong Kong housing market, by building middle-class housing for residents only...

Friday 30 Mar 2012

Australian Property Investment Predictions

A large amount of wealth will continue to move from overseas countries into Australia; this will largely be impacted by the demand from China for the natural resources within the Australian continent...

Tuesday 27 Mar 2012

Steady Performance Anticipated for UK Hotel Market

The UK's hotel market is expected to remain broadly stable over the course of 2012, although establishments in London will outperform their regional counterparts, due in part to the anticipated boost from both the Olympic Games and the queen's diamond jubilee celebrations...

Monday 26 Mar 2012

Down and Dirty with the Property Recovery - Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the MINT economies, and while its economy was affected by the international financial crisis, the effect was minimal, and the effect on the property market even smaller...

Friday 23 Mar 2012

Down and Dirty with the Property Recovery - Turkey

Turkey suffered like practically everyone else as the international financial crisis first rolled in. In fact the Turkish economy contracted by almost 5% in 2009...

Wednesday 21 Mar 2012

Down and Dirty with the Property Recovery - Mexico

Mexico emerged from the financial crisis well. The recession officially ended with a 2.3% quarter on quarter growth in Q4 2009, although GDP was still down 6.5% year on year...

Tuesday 20 Mar 2012

UK Serviced Apartments Offer Investment Opportunities

The serviced apartment market in the UK is performing well and has the potential for future growth, making it an attractive property investment opportunity...

Friday 16 Mar 2012

Queensland Property Market in 2012

Throughout 2011 Queensland property sales fell heavily. With a myriad of adverse factors taking a toll on the market, sales volumes just snapped. In fact, the sales volume could not match the depreciated property values...

Wednesday 14 Mar 2012

Down and Dirty with the Property Recovery - India

With the Indian economy still growing and the massive and growing population, this policy led to a revival in the housing market and the fortunes of its benefactors...

Tuesday 13 Mar 2012

Down and Dirty with the Property Recovery - Russia

Russia's property market (like everything else in the country) has more than its fair share of ups and downs in the last few years, but right now it is definitely in an up...

Friday 02 Mar 2012

The Track to London's Prosperity Lies on the Railways

Last month, the government announced the High Speed 2 (HS2) rail link between London and Birmingham will go ahead. Meanwhile, the Crossrail scheme within the capital is continuing, providing improved transport links to several districts....

Thursday 01 Mar 2012