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IPIN Live - Archived Articles for June 2012

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Growing Student Mobility Will Boost Accommodation Sector

The rising number of young people who travel outside of their home country to attend university bodes well for the student accommodation sector in Europe, with the UK one of the main beneficiaries...

Friday 29 Jun 2012

Olympic Fever Boosting London Property Market - Oh No It Isn't

Analysts, commentators and pundits are in hot debate about whether or not the Olympics is having a positive impact on London property prices and/or the rental market, and whether it will have any effects down the line...

Friday 29 Jun 2012

Things to Consider When Investing in US Residential Real Estate

Most of the world is still feeling the effects of the financial crisis and for many it will get worse before it gets better, but for investors residential property in the US is certainly back on the menu...

Thursday 28 Jun 2012

Investment Booms in Safe-Haven German Property Market

According to reports the German real estate market is thriving. During the property boom years many reports predicted that Germany, and particularly Berlin would see a piece of the foreign-buyer fuelled action...

Tuesday 26 Jun 2012

''Mixed Picture'' for Scottish Housing Market

Several organisations have recently released figures showing how the Scottish housing market is faring. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Scotland saw...

Monday 25 Jun 2012

Spanish Banks to be Bailed Out but Still a Threat to Euro Survival

My mother always said, drastic times call for drastic measures, and it was certainly a drastic measure when Spain finally admitted it needed bailing out by the EU, although not this time for government debt but for the survival of its beleaguered banking system...

Tuesday 19 Jun 2012

Five Year Crash Brings Stagnation to UK Housing Market

Now, around 5 years since the UK housing market went from boom to bust and all that has happened during what has been a volatile 5 years is that the market has fallen into a state of stagnation...

Friday 15 Jun 2012

Should Spain Have a NAMA (Bad Bank)?

Spain and Ireland right now are a near perfect experiment for two different ways of dealing with a burst real estate bubble; both had bubbles of the same magnificent proportions...

Friday 15 Jun 2012

Are Heady London Property Prices Heading for a Fall?

Why is London property faring so favourably despite the current economic climate and while house prices in the rest of the country stagnate or face a seemingly ever downward spiral?

Thursday 14 Jun 2012

The Importance of Viewing Buy to Let as a Long Term Business Proposition

With demand for rental properties in the UK on the rise as tough economic times and increasingly restrictive homeowner mortgage lending policies mean that more would-be buyers are being pushed into the rental sector...

Friday 08 Jun 2012

With All the Financial Uncertainty, Is it Wise to Invest in Property?

The banking world is in tatters and one thing that global property needs to get back on its feet - if not to flourish - is the cooperation and support of the banks...

Thursday 07 Jun 2012

A Lovely Bunch of Hotel Investment Hotspots

As the financial crisis takes another bite out of Spain and threatens to project its fury into ending the world as we know it (well, ending the Euro anyway), we are all looking for safe investments...

Wednesday 06 Jun 2012

Turkey Property Investment: A Bright Light on a Dark Night

How many countries are in Europe but not in the EU, and not in the Euro? Not many, but those that aren't are currently benefiting from their lack of integration with the beleaguered bloc. The Euro is riding the debt train all the way to overstretchedville...

Wednesday 06 Jun 2012

Italian Real Estate Fund Raises Asset Sale into High Gear

Italian real estate fund Patrimonio Uno is to step up the offloading of its properties as part of a sell-off always scheduled into its business plan. The fund was set up in 2005...

Friday 01 Jun 2012