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IPIN Live - Archived Articles for July 2012

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Apart-Hotels: Room for Growth in the UK Market

The apartment hotels (or apart-hotels) sector in the UK is growing, but it still has a long way to go before it catches up with the US market...

Monday 30 Jul 2012

Buy to Let Investment: UK Rental Boom vs US

The closeness of relations between the US and UK depends on the government of the day and the feelings of the public, but it is hard to miss the similarities between the two in the recent bust and now in the subsequent rental booms...

Friday 27 Jul 2012

Adaptation: The Changing Nature of the Hostels Market

For many people, hostels still conjure up images of dormitory accommodation where you get little more than a bed and a shared washroom for your money - albeit at a low cost...

Thursday 26 Jul 2012

HOSTELS: The Dawn of a Revolutionary Asset Class

For most people over the age of 30 the words "hostel" and "five-star" make for an unlikely combination. Yet it appears that the value proposition of the hostel has undergone a radical change over the past decade...

Thursday 26 Jul 2012

Battersea Power Station: A History and its Development

Despite being hotly-contested real estate in 2012, Battersea Power Station has not always been so desirable. Construction on the original power plant began in the 1930s, following protests by local residents...

Monday 23 Jul 2012

US Real Estate Hasn't Just Bottomed - It Is In Recovery

Evidence continues to mount that the US housing market is not only bottoming but is passed bottom and currently well up the recovery road...

Monday 23 Jul 2012

A Brief History of Brick Lane Property

Brick Lane, and the streets leading off it, has developed into an iconic London district that has undergone many changes over the centuries. From humble beginnings as a brick making area...

Thursday 05 Jul 2012

Liverpool Recovers Its Lustre

Liverpool has witnessed a spectacular transformation over the past 3 decades, rising phoenix-like from the crestfallen city it had become in the early 80's to the vibrant, happening centre of culture and business that it is today...

Thursday 05 Jul 2012