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IPIN Live - Archived Articles for January 2013

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Eurozone Collapse: Were Predictions Misguided or Premature?

The eurozone is undoubtedly in crisis but its predicted collapse has yet to materialise. In fact, there have been small signs of recovery - a shock to those such as Nobel-Prize winner Paul Krugman who expected the implosion of the monetary union to occur before 2013...

Wednesday 23 Jan 2013

Credit Crunch Killed the Emerging Market Star

During the boom it didn't take much for a property market to be given the title of "hot emerging market". In fact for a time it looked like all it took was a few beach resorts with celebrity endorsed golf courses, although a Trump tower thrown in certainly helped...

Tuesday 22 Jan 2013

Is Asian Property Growth Too Good To Be True?

You should never put all of your eggs into one basket, or so the old saying goes. The Asian property market is no exception to this rule and while there is undoubtedly growth, several factors call for trepidation, if not outright concern...

Monday 21 Jan 2013

Down and Dirty with the Recovery: The World in 2013

It is now going on 7 years since America started to crumble, 6 years since the UK caught the disease, and between that and 5 years since most the rest of the world followed suit, and still we aren't back out the other side in any real way...

Monday 21 Jan 2013

UK Property Market Makes Losers of Many, but Not Landlords

The UK property market is heading to hell in a rental-boom-fuelled hand-basket. But having said that, while it is in an abysmal state, it isn't much worse now than it has been since 2008...

Tuesday 15 Jan 2013

Is Ireland's Economy Really on the Road to Recovery?

The Grant Thornton International Business Report 2013 has named Ireland as the 5th most optimistic economy in Europe, with 36 per cent of senior executives hopeful that the country's prospects will improve by 2014.

Monday 14 Jan 2013

Global Housing Ups and Downs Continue

Well respected industry research publication the Global Property Guide has published the latest issue of its global inflation-adjusted index for Q3 2012, and it contains about as many surprises as it always does...

Wednesday 09 Jan 2013