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IPIN Live - Archived Articles for February 2013

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Latest on US Housing Recovery

A rolling rock collects no moss, but the American rock does seem to be slowing into this year. But it is still way too early to say that the doom-sayers have now been proven right. For a start the American housing market is far too big to judge as a whole, and when judged as a sum of its parts the recovery is still alive and well...

Tuesday 26 Feb 2013

US Industrial Property Market Puts its Best Foot Forward

Demand for warehouse space in the US hit its second highest level since 1993 according to a report from commercial real estate company Cassidy Turner. According to the firm net demand for warehouse space was 40.8 million square feet in the last quarter of last year...

Monday 25 Feb 2013

Five Reasons for First-time Buyers to be Optimistic

With a report from the House Builders Federation (HBF) revealing that saving a deposit for a home will now take the average first-time buyer ten years, it may seem as though the future isn't particularly bright...

Tuesday 19 Feb 2013

E-commerce Darkens the Future of the US Shopping Mall

Everything is bigger in America, and the so-called mega-malls are no exception. But they are an exception to the wider rule, as we have seen in previous downturns people spend more on entertainment, arguably to cheer themselves up from all the economic woes...

Wednesday 13 Feb 2013

Spanish Bad Bank to Sell Properties - But How?

Set up as a condition of Spain's receiving European rescue funds, SAREB has scooped up £37 billion worth of land, foreclosed homes, half-built developments, and developer loans from four nationalised banks...

Wednesday 06 Feb 2013

The Changing Face of UK Retail

Around the world you can hear stories about hot retail investment sectors, with new malls being built and rented out by the handful in the likes of Turkey. Even in America there are still plenty of mall developments being reported. But in the UK only one new mall is to open this year...

Tuesday 05 Feb 2013

Top 10 Articles Read by Property Investors – January 2013

The property markets are now more diverse than ever with each sector fighting harder for news coverage and making its case for public investment. We take a look over the past month's activity on IPIN Live and what property investors were reading, and give our opinion as to why...

Friday 01 Feb 2013