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IPIN Live - Archived Articles for April 2013

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American Attitudes Toward Home Ownership Changing - Again?

When commentators began to suggest that the US housing crisis had changed people's attitudes towards housing; turning the US into a nation of renters, many took the potential for this being a "possibly permanent" change with a large pinch of salt...

Friday 26 Apr 2013

Government to Consult on SIPPs and SSASs Residential Property Inclusion

In an unexpected announcement, the Government has decided to explore with interested parties whether the conversion of unused space in commercial properties in high streets and town centres to residential use could be allowed within pension schemes...

Wednesday 24 Apr 2013

Chinese Real Estate: The Jewel of Asian Investment Losing its Sheen?

During the financial crisis the reports were near constant of soaring Chinese home prices. Then the reports began to focus on the potential for a bubble and whether the government would intervene...

Friday 19 Apr 2013

US Hotel Sales Up 41% this Year

According to the latest report from Real Capital Analytics US hotel sales in the first two months of this year were up 41% on the same period in 2012. According to the firm's hotel trends report the largest increases were in portfolio sales...

Thursday 11 Apr 2013

Top 5 US Property "Boomtowns" to Watch

The US is the land of opportunity and the American Dream is still ingrained in national culture. With a bit of hard work, ingenuity and a spot of luck, those on the bottom of the pile can rise to the top, or so says the ethos...

Wednesday 10 Apr 2013

Big Players Enticed into the UK Buy to Let Sector

"The expanding residential rental property market, particularly in London and southern England, is gaining in appeal for institutional investors" The words of Alex Jeffrey, the chief executive of Prupim - one of the UK's biggest institutional investors Prudential insurance, via its asset management subsidiary M&G...

Friday 05 Apr 2013

European Hotel Investment: Emerging Markets vs. Traditional Favourites

Like most forms of property investment in the current climate there are 2 schools of thought on which markets you should invest in. You have those who believe that the flight to primary cities not only can't be ignored but shouldn't be strayed from, and those who continue to believe in emerging market growth potential...

Wednesday 03 Apr 2013