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IPIN Live - Archived Articles for July 2013

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Top 3 London Hubs for Serviced Apartment Investment

The UK's serviced apartment industry is emerging from the financial crisis as a different beast. The ground has shifted and demand can now be found in areas where there perhaps was none before. Nowhere is this more evident than in London - Britain's serviced apartment hub.

Tuesday 30 Jul 2013

Landlords New Choices on Property Management and Rentals

In days gone by, a landlord's only choice when considering how he wanted to manage his portfolio was simple - hire a lettings agent or manage it themselves. But this is no longer the case...

Wednesday 24 Jul 2013

Inside The In and Out Club - Exclusive Unseen Footage

One of London's most well-known properties is poised to become one of the city's most prestigious addresses. The In and Out Club, also known as Cambridge House, was purchased by Reuben Brothers in 2012 and will undergo an extensive three years or more refurbishment to be a single family residence...

Monday 22 Jul 2013

More Bang For Your Buck: Top Three London Investment Spots

Value for money and London are generally two ideas that don't seem to go together nowadays, particularly when it comes to property. Real estate prices and rents in the city far outstrip everywhere else in the UK and while huge returns can be gained by investors, having the money to enter the market in the first place continues to be a big challenge.

Tuesday 16 Jul 2013

Japanese Real Estate Investment Soaring

The world has felt pretty hard-done-to in the last few years as the global credit crunch wreaked havoc on the financial lives of people around the world. Imagine how the Japanese must feel...

Monday 15 Jul 2013

Life in the Old Dog Yet - 2013 London Hotel Outlook

When investors think of London they are reminded of its steadfastness - a beacon of light in an otherwise gloomy global environment. Consequently, it is only natural to want to plough money into the hot spot, reaping the benefits of its economic and political position.

Saturday 06 Jul 2013