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IPIN Members are increasingly turning attention to Panama as an investment destination following the unprecedented success of our recent Secure Exit Strategy...


Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world and the majority of us will have either direct or indirect experience of the disease in our lifetimes...


Following their recent trip to the stunning IPIN Global investment project in Panama - Sarani Resort - Sales Director Mike O'Riordan and Michelle Daly from Sales Progression presented their pictures and accounts of the trip...


The Pound nosedived this morning in reaction to the Bank of England's Inflation Report delivered by Canadian Mark Carney, the bank's chief...


A report published today by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) warns that the British government must take immediate action to slow down soaring house prices to prevent destabilising economic recovery.


It would be a complete joke if it only delivered a humourous punchline rather than an almost literal kick in the guts but the only people laughing in the aftermath of the measures introduced by the UK Mortgage Market Review are those with sufficient funds not to require a mortgage...


Singapore's leading real estate portal, organise some of the Asian property market's most important events and so we were delighted when we were invited to not only exhibit, but also host seminars at the two day UK/AUS Property Show which took place in April...


It doesn't require rocket science to work out that house prices took a hit when the world went into recession in 2008. Six years on we have the benefit of hindsight, so what is the general consensus on how house prices will fare?


With a Membership exceeding 85,000, it's somewhat difficult to do the rounds and get the chance to put names to faces, particularly with Members scattered all over the globe...

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