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Which direction will you take your investments in 2010?

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Which direction will you take your investments in 2010?

By - Friday 05 February 2010

With 2009 having been a dire year in general for the investment world around the globe, it would seem most investors are still sat on the sideline, watching the various investment arenas with baited breath, looking for the flash of light or inspiration needed to make a move confirming the Q2 2009 Investment Property Forum Consensus Forecast.

“The Q2 2009 IPF Consensus Forecast shows the downward trajectory in expected property market performance continues. The All Property total return forecast for 2009 has fallen from -11.3% to -15.1%. This is driven by reductions in both capital and rental value growth figures for the year. The positive total return forecasts for 2010 have fallen again with shopping centres the most significantly revised sector.”

So far, the light at the end of the tunnel has seemed reluctant to show itself to many. According to investopedia, most are still sat on hard cash and whilst “feeling good” wealth is great, cash is not king in times like these. Cash in the bank with inevitable beast that is inflation around the corner, many will be caught out as the investment markets in general pick up and re-gain momentum.

The fact of the matter is though that watching doesn’t make money. Some will say you need to be brave or crazy to invest in a downward or volatile market, regardless of the sector. The truth is you just need to adapt your strategy to fit the market place. High risk and short term are both attractive concepts when money and finance are flowing freely, with the investment world as it is at present though, surety and security are now necessities to support growth and confidence on all levels.

Of course, 4 or 5 percent annual returns aren’t exciting or interesting for most, and try as they might, the guru money managers of the world are having a tough time developing new investment tools capable of showing anything better currently with the lack of liquidity or the extensive regulatory changes they are being subjected to by governments, let alone the continuing media furore surrounding bankers bonuses and CEO payoffs.

What to do? Well, sitting on the “rainy day” cash waiting for the sun to shine is the easy solution that comes with an arguable false sense of security. If however you want your hard earned cash to work for you, (without scaring you to an early grave in the process) the IPIN Secure Exit Strategy (SES) really should be considered for at least part of your investment portfolio.


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