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Property Prices – Slump or Jump? – You Decide!

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Investment Property Slump 

By - Monday 15 February 2010

When writing articles on any subject a fairly sizable amount of research has to be done across the board, from mainstream press to market specialists and analysts, right through to other bloggers and social media outlets.

Obviously this can bring about an extreme in opinions and reasoning, and unless you read them all (a little difficult given the amount of media available) you are likely to come out with either a very confused outlook on the subject, very weighted to one side, or get so confused you are ready to sign yourself into the local asylum.

Of late, both the property industry and the media have been very busy worldwide (us included!) telling us that:

Recovery is on the way!” (According to the Financial Times)

and then “No it isn’t!” (The Guardian)

followed by, “It’s up and down and yo-yoing!” (Now Buy to Let)

and even “It’s the weathers fault!” (Fresh Business Thinking)

Back in the real world, obviously all these things cannot all be happening at the same time. Granted there will be pockets of improvement, and areas of downturn, but this has always been the case in every sector, not just in private and investment property, but in every arena where an item or commodity changes hands physically or otherwise for a value. It’s called supply and demand.

Hence the reason for this post. If you are based in the UK, or have a UK investment property portfolio, why not tell us what you think is the likely outcome of the property market for 2010?

What do you think will happen to the UK property market in 2010?



The poll will show you the percentage results after you submit your choice.

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