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The Evolution of Investments

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The Evolution of Investments

By - Wednesday 10 March 2010

We have all seen or been offered various investment opportunities over the years, most are still available, some disappear only to be re-invented in a new guise, and of course there are those that are labeled as investments by over enthusiastic snake-oil salesmen.

The traditional investments such as savings in a bank, precious metals and property have had their fair share of ups and downs in recent years, but as always, they will continue to be used and promoted as a form of asset acquisition for the future, all having substantial enough track records to show significant underlying and influencing factors.

In the high tech fast moving age in which we live now it is possible to find a way to invest in almost anything, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Buying a house to rent out might seem the norm for people with spare liquidity and cash flow, whereas investing in a truffle tree or a piece of lunar real estate could be seen as right outside the box for most.

Occasionally though a new concept or idea will arise, and human nature being the way it is, the first reaction is usually dismissal by the masses, often branding any claim as “to good to be true” or “unfeasible”

In the early 1700’s it was commonly thought if you traveled faster than a horse you would die, no-one was really sure why, but nevertheless the masses feared the very thought. Doubtlessly anyone who traveled longed for the ability to travel faster, no-one had been able to do it, so logic at the time dictated such an idea was preposterous.

Along came the steam train and the world was suddenly a very different place. No end of inventions appeared in the industrial revolution, a huge number of which are still with us today, or at least have gone on to inspire other world changing devices.

The same can be said to some degree of investments. Years ago in the UK, a government backed guaranteed interest account that was tax free was unthinkable, then, from nowhere appeared the ISA. A large proportion of the UK population now takes advantage of them. Real estate investment trusts have been around in the USA since the 1960’s, only more recently to have arrived in the UK, but the very idea of investing into property without actually owning it does sound a little odd if you take it for what it is!

This is not to say that all things odd and crazy sounding should be invested into. Whilst ones truffle tree investment, or moon rock asset might not be the wisest investment and should perhaps be viewed more of as a novelty rather than a cash cow, new concepts and investment methods do arise and are frequently missed because human nature doesn’t like change or anything new.

One of the fundamentals behind IPIN is to bring new investment strategies to the retail investor, and in the process to ensure that investment opportunities and horizons continue to be broadened with secure, profitable and innovative investments created by our acquisitions team.

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