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What to do in a Volatile Market

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What to do in a Volatile Market

By - Thursday 20 May 2010

The global economic crisis has meant that the markets have experienced their fair share of knocks and bruises over the last year. The term market volatility has been bandied about on a regular basis and an increasing number of investors have now become aware of the dangers that they can face.

However, volatility is needed within a market because if prices do not move sufficiently, individuals will not be able to make money trading them. In addition, it has to be put in perspective, as changes in the market should not have a significant effect on long-term investment strategies.

What Makes a Volatile Market?

As with any form of investment there are always risks and stocks are no different. Individuals can gauge a market's security by its rating, which is based upon the likelihood of it rising and falling over a short period of time. It is typically measured by the standard deviation of the return of an investment.

Volatile markets can generally be identified by a significant amount of activity and large price changes.

The key to keeping short-term volatility in perspective is to review your investment strategy on a regular basis. Bear and bull markets are a naturally-occurring feature of the economy and as such, contingency plans should be put in place to deal with both phenomena.

Riding Out the Storm

Many investors may choose to pull out of a market at the first sign of trouble and wait for a more favourable climate before parting with their cash once again, but volatility is a component of the markets and as such is likely to be something that all investors will face at some point. Over a short-term period, markets will move in peaks and troughs and as such, making money quickly is not an easy prospect.

During periods of volatility, it is easy to divert from normal trading patterns. Choosing to stay invested and reaping the long-term rewards can be a great option if you are confident in your strategy (and prepared to wait) as predicting what will happen in the market in the short-term is extremely difficult. If, however, you do decide to trade during volatility, be aware of how the market conditions will affect price and desirability.ADNFCR-3415-ID-19784660-ADNFCR

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