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IPIN Live and the Changing Face of Timely Information

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IPIN Live and the Changing Face of Timely Information

By - Wednesday 26 May 2010

Many things in life depend upon timely information. Whether that be a traffic report in the morning on the way to the office, or the latest financial reports on a company you might be about to invest in. All of us consume media driven information in some form or another, be it via the TV, radio, newspapers or the internet.

Most of us have taken this for granted over the years, handing over a nominal amount of cash for a copy of the days paper has never really seemed much of a burden to anyone. It would seem however, that the media powers that be are about to try and change all of this.

Over the past few months there has been a fairly hefty amount of news floating about from the likes of Rupert Murdoch, (the WSJ and now The Times,) wanting to charge (albeit a nominal amount) for the usage of their websites or access to their news.

Both The Times and its Sunday heavyweight edition are set to begin charging for their site use as of next month (June), the editor James Harding saying: "Our feeling is that it is time to stop giving away our journalism. That's because we feel that we are undermining the value of our journalism, undermining the value of the Times and undermining the perception that journalism and news has a value."

One might think in this day and age that monetizing a high content website would be well worth doing, and to an extent I would agree, however, the fact of the matter is that news companies have traditionally always made the vast majority of their money from advertising. The reason companies advertised was because said media format was interesting and had well written reports that were read with interest by the public, and the public continued to buy or view the publication because it was interesting. The cycle continued with the readership levels growing and advertisers spend increasing.

How does this affect property investment?

Right now, not much, but from an investor point of view the possible knock on effects could be substantial. What if everyone who supplies unique information decides to start charging for it? The decision then becomes whose information is reliable? And how many information streams do I subscribe to I order to compare?

Making a decision to buy something prior to knowing what it is sounds like a bit of a stretch, whether that be information about what is going on in the world today, or a rehashed horoscope for the week. We have all seen and heard the stories of paid for seminars and so on within the property industry of which thankfully most have been and gone for one reason or another.

Imagine you have accumulated an amount of cash and are setting out to begin investing. All of a sudden your budget immediately takes a hit because you now have to start buying information about the subject from sources that may or may not be known to you. Coupled with that, you become reliant upon that source providing solid information as opposed to showing you viable comparisons, it all becomes a little cartel-ish

This is one of the main reasons for creating IPIN Live.

To be able to provide the property investor, (regardless of their experience), an insight into what is going on in the world of property investment, and some sensible comparisons to enable them to judge the validity of any investment against their own wants and needs at no charge at all.

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