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Risk and Reward from Emerging Markets

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Risk and Reward from Emerging Markets

By - Friday 04 June 2010

Many investors like to stick to the principals of investing in developed markets such as the UK and the US, where regulation and transparency work with investors to provide a relatively stable environment.

However, many a daring individual has attempted to increase their chances of getting large investment returns in emerging markets around the globe, with many countries offering the opportunity to buy low and sell for a significant profit as they caught up with the more developed destinations.

Risk is a word often associated with emerging markets, as the opportunity for higher returns is often offset by the potential for volatile economic conditions and a chance that some feel is worth taking.

Consistency in Emerging Markets

With the markets beginning to look more volatile, news that the Association of Investment Companies (AIC) has released details on the 20 investment companies with the most consistent performance record over the past ten years is sure to be of interest to investors looking for safe places to put their money.

The results from AIC's research may come as a surprise to many, as out of the top 20, ten are invested in emerging markets, with the Asia-Pacific region the best performing.

Annabel Brodie-Smith, the communications director at AIC, said that the results gave investors the opportunity to see how different companies and countries had performed in difficult market conditions. She said "traditional past performance is clearly an important criteria when considering an investment but looking at discrete performance gives you a better understanding of a potential investment".

She added: "Of course there's no guarantee that good and consistent past performance will continue into the future but it's worth doing your research thoroughly before making an investment. It's also important to consider a range of criteria such as the objective of the company, its investment risk, its major holdings, discount and charges before you decide to invest."

What Does This Mean for the Future?

Having just been through an economic slump that affected supposedly safe western markets, and looking at the new AIC figures, it would appear that the gap between emerging and developed markets is a lot closer than it once was. And with eurozone countries facing a nervous wait before they get the all-clear from the recent bailout measures, taking the risk might be a more rewarding option.ADNFCR-3415-ID-19807960-ADNFCR

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