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Big Brother and the Property Investor

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Big Brother and the Property Investor

By - Tuesday 08 June 2010

With the media already swamped with World Cup warm up fever, we now have the onset that is the veritable epitome of visual entertainment. Big Brother 11.

Stated as being the "last ever" outing by production company Endemol, the UK’s Channel 4 has already been touting "funeral" trailers for the show. (Who said there is no "fun" in funeral?) This year though, there is possibly an added element of entertainment/desire to dispose of your TV set/rush off and make ridiculous investment decisions. According to a guest list of hopefuls published by The Telegraph, there is a self acclaimed "millionaire property investor" Terry. Terry is 45, apparently adorned with 3,000 pounds worth of bling, and has a suitcase with yet more bling in it to take into the house with him. (At the first reading of the list, I did wonder, probably much like you, as to what anyone would do with that much jewelry confined in a house with no contact with the outside world for several weeks.) But lo, all is made clear, Terry is a Mr T lookalike!

Having never watched Big Brother for sufficiently long enough to get hooked on it over the past decade or so, this (hopefully) final outing may well make an excellent source of comment and opinion for the investment property business. We have of course highlighted before the perils involved of taking advice from your television before making life changing investment decisions, but this really does look likely to set new standards.

Rest assured, if Terry "Mr T lookalike property investor" gets into the final Big Brother house, it should make for some amusing quotes to say the least. Perhaps he could give us an insight into the value of the Big Brother house itself? Or even guide us through how he would turn it into a block of flats and flog them off as Buy to Lets?

Then again, I could be wrong, and he might have some perfectly sane, solid investment advice and be a general all round nice guy. I Just can't wait.

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