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Property Investment Review 2010

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Property Investment Review 2010

By - Friday 17 December 2010

With it being part of my job to comment on the property investment world, 2010 has been an unusual year here at IPIN. Unusual on the account that in previous years almost everything said in or around the property markets was positive. 2010 however, has changed all that, and quite possibly the way in which the world views property as an investment.

Top Property News of 2010

The news in general has not been very kind to the property market this year with the vast majority of it having been somewhat focused on the doom and gloom to say the least, but the most popular news reports on our site were:

Top Property Blog Posts of 2010

In May of this year we launched IPINLive, our platform with which to bring you the latest news and insights into what is going on in the property investment world. With IPINLive came the blog in which we have covered a wide array of subjects as well as having the odd rant:

Top Property Investment Articles of 2010

In our articles section we have strived to bring you the most in-depth and jargon-free insight into how different areas of the property investment industry work, as well as highlight new and unusual methods of property investment too. Judging by the nature of the top 5 posts, it would certainly seem that the everyday property investor is looking for a change from the old days of "just buy a house and hope the price goes up":

Some unusual things we have mentioned in relation to property investment.

Every once in a while an analogy or metaphor is called for - sadly the content and decency police (my boss) prevents me from putting some of them in, but here are a few of the more obscure references for your amusement.

New for 2011.

Aside from more of the same, we will still be hard at work keeping you up-to-date with the property investment world at large. The design team and code crunchers are hard at work to bring you a much faster IPIN with a new shape and feel to it for release in the early part of the New Year.

Writers, Journalists and Bloggers

If you have something to say about the property investment world, we would like to hear from you - professionals and non-professionals alike. IPIN is looking for occasional guest blog posts and articles from and about the property industry.

General requirements are as follows:

  • Articles/Blog Posts must be a minimum of 500 words
  • Must be about property/real estate related business
  • Content must be unique/original
  • No blatant company promotion
  • If you would like to embed links back to your own site, this is fine we would ask however that you link to us
  • We reserve the right to publish/not publish and/or edit any material

Send your details, a short profile about yourself and any links to your website/blog to and we will be in touch.

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