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IPIN Live - Archived Blog Posts for October 2010

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Waxing Lyrical About Global Property Investment: POLL

Last month we asked in an open poll on the site "If you had 100,000 GBP (or the equivalent) to invest in property right now, which continent would you invest in?"...

Friday 29 Oct 2010

Getting Your Crystal Balls in a Twist

Despite the repeated announcement of market fears of a double-dip recession and the end of the world being as good as nigh by all and sundry in the economic world, it would seem there has been a surprise uptick in the UK economy....

Wednesday 27 Oct 2010

The End is Nigh! Or is it the Beginning?

The past ten days or so has seen the British press publishing more doom than normal for the property industry. The Halifax have piped up claiming house prices have dived by a further 3.6%, the government are allegedly going to flog their property off to the private sector in what will likely be a Gordon "Gold Sale" Brown style car boot sale, and one agent appears to have completely lost his marbles....

Monday 18 Oct 2010