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IPIN Live - Archived Blog Posts for November 2010

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The Future of The Euro

In last months poll we asked if you thought the media were having a positive or negative impact on house prices. Whilst I will admit to thinking at the time that this would be a pretty foregone conclusion, the results do state that the general consensus of opinion is that the press are up to no good when it comes to house prices....

Tuesday 30 Nov 2010

The Irish Bailout Explained

It's been a tough year so far economically for large parts of the developed world. Talk of bubbles, crashes, double-dips, negative equity and bail-outs have been non-stop in most media streams....

Monday 22 Nov 2010

A Number 56 Please, But I Don't Want to Eat It

The past few years have seen a great deal of change in the property investment world. 10 years ago the average home owner would not really have considered buying a house in a foreign land for a number of reasons - not least for the lack of information but also likely due to the complexity of it all and the general all out hassle one would have expected to encounter gaining enough information to make an informed decision.....

Wednesday 17 Nov 2010

Property Versus Gold

Once upon a time the financial world was a peaceful place, occupied by bespectacled accountants, bean counters and number crunchers. If you wanted to know how much your house might be worth, you asked an estate agent, and then you went and asked someone in the same street who had their house up for sale (or had recently sold it)....

Thursday 04 Nov 2010