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IPIN Live - Archived Blog Posts for February 2010

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Beware the Banker in Landlords Clothing!

According to an article by the Financial Times, The Halifax claim that “UK house prices were up 105 per cent in the 10 years to December 2009, while buy-to-let landlords could have made total returns of 187 per cent including rent” the article continues....

Friday 26 Feb 2010

World Cup 2010 Investment – Potential Own Goal?

In the past most property companies (investment or otherwise) have seen fit to promote property in countries hosting the World Cup billing it as the “next big thing”, an ideal way forward for strong rental returns and generally implying that it will continue long after the final goal and the beer cans have been swept away.

Wednesday 24 Feb 2010

Market Variables – We specify the vagueness

We have all heard the term “Subject to Market Variables” (usually before making an investment) only to realize a short time later that the market variable in question has meant that the mortgage payments have increased by the cost of your average Olympic stadium build price, and has the same chances of coming down again too. Of course, its not just mortgage rates and inflation that one has to consider, there is good old VAT as well. This affects things like solicitor fees, contractors (if you are in the fix and flip market) and marketing if you are advertising to rent out Buy to Lets or trying to sell independently.

Friday 19 Feb 2010

IPO? – IP No!

I can already hear “What are you on about?!” as I type. The reason for delving in to what might appear to be obscure is simple. Remember the dot com boom a few years back before the last recession? Well guess what, the banks are at it again.

Wednesday 17 Feb 2010

Property Prices – Slump or Jump? – You Decide!

When writing articles on any subject a fairly sizable amount of research has to be done across the board, from mainstream press to market specialists and analysts, right through to other bloggers and social media outlets.

Monday 15 Feb 2010

Knowing what to buy, or buying in to what you know?

With the increase in available research tools for investment it’s easier than ever to look up “advice” as far as investment vehicles are concerned. 9 times out of 10 though, most investment web sites will either tell you something you already know, or have you shouting at your screen in disagreement. Eventually one invariably finds oneself reverting back to old adages and sayings, and then finally either doing what you had already decided, or, doing absolutely nothing at all.

Thursday 11 Feb 2010

Buy to let? My television said it was a good idea!

Over the past few years we have all heard about the rise and fall of the Buy to Let concept of property investment. Starting off very positively, the whole idea gained extensive momentum, spawning numerous privateers, followed by management companies, seminar providers, corporate and individual millionaires and a never ending selection of tv shows insisting that buy to let was the be all and end all of investment for the masses.

Wednesday 10 Feb 2010

Which direction will you take your investments in 2010?

With 2009 having been a dire year in general for the investment world around the globe, it would seem most investors are still sat on the sideline, watching the various investment arenas with baited breath, looking for the flash of light or inspiration needed to make a move confirming the Q2 2009 Investment Property Forum Consensus Forecast.

Friday 05 Feb 2010