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IPIN Live - Archived Blog Posts for March 2010

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Mortgage Boost or Pre Election Spin?

In the past 18 months or so, most of the developed world has seen a huge cut back in mortgage lending to the consumer and interbank lending in general. As rumours of the recovery continue to smolder in the corner, with no real leap of confidence in any direction just yet, we see that the British Government has announced it’s intentions to promote 90% LTV (Loan to value) mortgages with an injection of £180m into the Post Office.

Monday 29 Mar 2010

What has The Budget ever done for us?

For those of you who were not glued to your media channel of choice yesterday as UK Chancellor Alistair Darling announced his last pre-election budget, we have trawled through the numerous reports and ask “What has he ever done for us?” in a bid to find out how, who and if anyone stands to make any significant gains or losses in the world of property investment.

Thursday 25 Mar 2010

Investment Property Budget Breakdown 2010

After much hype and anticipation, we bring you the relevant snippets regarding property investment from todays UK budget announcement.

Wednesday 24 Mar 2010

Where Will The Rich Invest in 2010?

It is often said that the rich will always get richer. Given that a large part of most High Net Worth individuals’ wealth is usually made up of property in some form or another, we thought we would take a look at the latest Wealth Report from Knight Frank for 2010 and see what the super rich were up to this year, and how they envisage property as investment for the year ahead.

Tuesday 23 Mar 2010

4 Ways to Invest in Property – Without Owning It

With housing prices all over the place, we take a look at ways to invest in property, without even stepping through the door.

Thursday 18 Mar 2010

Property Investment and Billionaires

With Forbes having released its Worlds Billionaires List, we thought we would take a peek and see who, if anyone, had made it into the top 50 using property investment as their main source of wealth, given the global downturn in the property markets.

Wednesday 17 Mar 2010

How Will a Hung Parliament Affect Your Property Investments?

With the rising concerns over the likelihood of a UK hung parliament after the upcoming general election, we thought we’d take a look at the effects this could have on property investment, both at home and abroad.

Tuesday 16 Mar 2010

The Evolution of Investments

We have all seen or been offered various investment opportunities over the years, most are still available, some disappear only to be re-invented in a new guise, and of course there are those that are labeled as investments by over enthusiastic snake-oil salesmen.

Wednesday 10 Mar 2010

Hubble Bubble Golden Trouble?

Apparently investment guru George Soros has been on a spending spree recently expanding his positions in various gold investments including mining companies and gold shares. Announcing his opinion at the World Economic Forum in Davos that gold has become the “ultimate bubble” however, what this is supposed to mean to the average man on the street is really open to interpretation.

Thursday 04 Mar 2010

Cross Border Investments – Currency Counts!

Many people have bought property abroad over the past few years, and despite the current general lack of cash, people still are. What most overlook though is the impact that differing currencies can have on the said purchase or investment, as well as how to actually take advantage of the strength or weakness of a currency.

Wednesday 03 Mar 2010

Buy to Let – Regulation or NINJAs racing a Broken Bandwagon?

As the UK financial markets, regulators and institutions have taken a fair old beating of late, the main topic floating to the top at the moment has been mortgage regulation.

Tuesday 02 Mar 2010