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IPIN Live - Archived Blog Posts for April 2010

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US Property – Government Incentives Boost Sales

At last some substantial signs of a turnaround in the US property markets! Reports published by the NAR (National Association of Realtors) show substantial positive advances across a number of areas in the US housing markets during March.

Wednesday 28 Apr 2010

Volcano Property Investment – All Ash and No Cash?

It would seem the world press (or at least Europe and Scandinavia) have dropped almost all forms of news just to talk about a volcano whose name they cannot pronounce, (Eyjafjallajokull) and continue to go on about it with no sign of stopping. All of the news streams, blogosphere, twitter, and just about any other form of news or social media appear to be jammed solid with it. Great if you have plans to become a volcanologist, or you have a school project about volcanoes. Anyone would think an ash cloud had actually got into the internet itself!

Monday 19 Apr 2010

Profit or Loss? Let your cat decide!

Predicting the outcome of events is something that has baffled the worlds greatest minds since the dawn of time. Philosophers and Physicists alike have pondered over such conundrums creating all sorts of weird and wonderful theories, either in a bid to solve the questions (usually to only uncover more) or to just confuse the world at large even further.

Tuesday 13 Apr 2010

Expats Abroad – Taxes and Liabilities

Taxes. Often claimed to be the "other" thing one can’t avoid, apart from death. As an integral part of any economy, taxes are unfortunately necessary and usually heavily enforced, whether the residents like it or not.

Wednesday 07 Apr 2010

8 Lessons to Learn from the Property Market Crash

Depending on what and where you read, there are numerous rumours afoot that the property crash is over and recovery is on the way. Whether you believe this or not will largely depend on where you are, what you bought and ultimately how big (or non-existent as the case may be) the pile of equity/cash is that you are sitting on.

Monday 05 Apr 2010