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IPIN Live - Archived Blog Posts for June 2010

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UK Property Investment and the Emergency Budget

After having sat through George Osbournes Emergency Budget speech with the sound of harrumphing akin only to the deafening drone of vuvuzelas at a world cup game, we bring you as promised, the low down on the UK economy as it affects property investors after the Coalition Governments Budget.

Tuesday 22 Jun 2010

World's Markets Begin Property Recovery

There is good news for the global property markets as we pass the midway stage of the year, with many on the way to recovery following the global economic crisis, but some countries will offer real estate investors a better return on investment than others....

Thursday 17 Jun 2010

Big Brother and the Property Investor

With the media already swamped with World Cup warm up fever, we now have the onset that is the veritable epitome of visual entertainment. Big Brother 11....

Tuesday 08 Jun 2010

Risk and Reward from Emerging Markets

Many investors like to stick to the principals of investing in developed markets such as the UK and the US, where regulation and transparency work with investors to provide a relatively stable environment....

Friday 04 Jun 2010